James Cameron returns to enter the world of ‘Avatar’ thirteen years later

When we talk about movie hits. James Cameron always comes up in the conversation. The director of ‘Avatar’ has very good films in his repertoire and this is one of them, of course. Although it is true that many years have passed, now we can say that ‘Avatar’ is a saga and not just a movie.

The first of the deliveries of ‘Avatar’ was a box office success, becoming the highest grossing in history with a whopping 2,850 million dollars in revenue. It is not surprising that the company that owns the rights, 20th Century Studios, wants to expand its universe.

Therefore, ‘Avatar 2’ arrives to consolidate the success of the first of these films, so if you liked the first one, you can’t miss the opportunity to see the second part and enjoy a whole new story offered by director James Cameron, who repeats this role. To all this we must add the luxury cast that this successful franchise has.

When is ‘Avatar 2’ released?

Under the subtitle ‘The sense of water’, the new installment of ‘Avatar’ will be released in December of this same year 2022. To be more exact, its projection in theaters will begin on December 16. Apart from the release date, little else is known about this new film.

As far as the cast is concerned, we find well-known actors such as Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Sam Worthington, Joel David Moore, Edie Falco, Kate Winslet or Cliff Curtis, among others. As you can see, the entire cast is of a very high standard and the performances certainly leave nothing to be desired. In this way, ‘Avatar 2’ promises a lot in terms of acting and script.

Improved graphic section

One of the most striking things about ‘Avatar 2’ is its improved graphic section. In the thirteen years that have passed between the first installment and the second, the digital world has evolved in a very constant and great way, so we find ourselves with an abysmal change.

Taking this into account, the modeling and design of both characters and landscapes reaches a amazing level of detail. In the trailer, as we have already mentioned, you cannot see much in terms of the story, but you can clearly see what we will find in the detail and quality of the graphic section.

As a conclusion, we can think that ‘Avatar 2’ will become another real box office bombshellas there are many people waiting for this sequel for a long time, so the theaters will be full as soon as this new adventure in the world of Pandora is released.

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