James Cameron reveals he wanted to end the ‘Terminator’ saga with a second film

james cameron wanted to end terminator, The director, seeing now that there were six films of uneven quality in this saga, thought of ending everything Terminator 2: Judgment Dayreleased in 1991 As one of the most significant box office hits in history. After developing the idea for the first film, released in 1984, Cameron thought about outdoing himself and presenting a larger and more ambitious story. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Edward Fulong, After finishing his story about Skynet, he went on risky lie, and decided to ignore this saga as a director, and move on to another creative level. But why was it continued? What was James Cameron thinking at that time?

A successful director who always defended in the finale terminator with Terminator 2: Judgment Day

As a restless creative person, Cameron decided to jump terminator 2 a bold lieand from there, to titanic, Later he started working on it Avatar, another fascinating saga – the highest grossing in history and its filmography –, always innovative in its way of presenting and telling stories. So, when they requested him to make the third installment terminatorHe refused.

Recapturing some statements from the 90s, Cameron shows that he was clear that the story of the T-800 sent to the past should end, although he could develop ideas about it. “I don’t know where the third film will lead, although I’m sure if I think about it for a while something will come to me, but I’m not really interested in doing that. terminator 2 This closes the circle of history and is the end. And I think it’s a good idea to end it here”, he concluded. In those years Carolco Pictures, the owner of the license, struggled to make a third part that would end the trilogy, giving birth in 2003. Terminator 3: Rise of the MachinesWhich would recover Arnold Schwarzenegger as the hero, work at the box office and close the circle in the face of the Skynet rebellion and the destruction of the world.


This saga has been floundering since 2009 and James Cameron decided to move away from it until ‘Dark Fate’, which failed.

in 2009 we will have Terminator SalvationWith Christian Bale, as well Terminator: Genesis In 2015, which tried to restart part of the saga with Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor. Not frozen. James Cameron included Terminator: Dark Fate, which featured the return of Linda Hamilton, but which was a box office failure. We know they’ve said goodbye to the character and at this point, with a crazy story filled with so many chronological twists, it makes the most sense to reboot it. Cameron is already preparing a new script set against the backdrop of AI terror. We’ll see if the anime that Netflix has to offer rekindles interest in these stories of cybernetic assassins.

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