James Cameron scrapped a year’s worth of work just in case

when it premieres Avatar 2approximately 13 years will have passed since its predecessor was released Avatar. We are talking about more than a decade of difference between one film and another. And it is that with that great difference of years, the hype could have vanished among the lovers of the 2009 film. However, the truth is that James Cameron has dedicated a lot of time and effort to Avatar 2 so that it far exceeds Avatarbeing all a great sacrifice for him.

Cameron has revealed how he has taken his time to develop the sequel, revealing that while he had a script already written, he was not convinced and decided to start from scratch, this taking an entire year of his life. Therefore, it seems that the filmmaker has taken himself quite seriously when making Avatar 2 and get to meet all the fans of Pandora and the universe and stories she created with Avatar.

Avatar 2 The Way of Water Duration James Cameron

Avatar 2 and the great weight he had on James Cameron

In a recent interview, Cameron explained all the work it has taken to develop Avatar: The Way of Water. Not only at the production level with the subject of directing and effects, but also because of the writing process:

When I sat down with my writers to write Avatar 2, I said we couldn’t do the next one until we understood why the first one did so well. We have to figure out why the first one worked so well. All movies work with 3 levels: The first is the surface, which is character, problem and resolution. The second is thematic. What is the movie trying to say? But Avatar also works on the third, which is the subconscious. I wrote an entire script for the sequel, read it, and realized it didn’t make it to level three. Boom. Start over again. That took a year.

The truth is that all the sequels of Avatar they promise to be the most ambitious thing James Cameron has done so far. The director already explained how he wanted the universe of Avatar be built as The Lord of the rings, with their respective epic and influence on a generation. For this reason, although this year it will hit theaters Avatar: The Way of Waterit’s already recorded Avatar 3 Y Avatar 4 Y 5 they are already on their way. However, some time ago it was rumored that Cameron might not direct the fourth and fifth, although it is not entirely clear if it will finally be like that or not. Either way, starting this year, every 2 years we will have a new sequel to Avatar until 2028.

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Avatar: The Way of Water It hits theaters on December 16. The film is directed by James Cameron and stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Kate Winslet, Michelle Yeoh, Vin Diesel, Cliff Curtis, Michelle Rodriguez, and Stephen Lang.

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