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In 2016, actress Margot Robbie joined the cast of DC, playing Harley Quinn for “Suicide Squad”. In addition to being part of “Birds of Prey” in 2020 and in 2021 of “The Suicide Squad”.

Many think that the future of the actress is doubtful in her role as Harley Quinn, since now the role is being played by Lady Gaga. Despite this, it has not yet been ruled out that Robbie will appear again in a new tape for the DC universe.

Through a response on Twitter, James Gunn responded to a follower who asked him if Margot Robbie would appear in the movies again. To which the director replied, “of course”. Which excited more than one fan of the popular actress.

Despite the fact that the CEO of DC Studios did not advance anything about what would happen. This is in addition to the statements made some time ago by the actress. Which had anticipated her desire to bring the romance between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy to the big screen. “I can’t explain how hard I’ve been pushing to get it. I want it too ”, was what she expressed before ComicBook.

Meanwhile, the interpretation of Harley Quinn is in the hands of Lady Gaga, who will appear in the second Joker movie. Where Joaquin Phoenix embodies a subject who has no peace and who ends up becoming a murderer seeking revenge against the society that has been rejecting him.

The second part of this movie is going to be a musical, which will take place in Arkham Asylum, where the two characters will meet and end up unleashing a lot of disorder in the city.

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