James Gunn talks about the future of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in his new DCU

The executive director of DC Studios, James Gunn, points out the real possibility about the future return of the character with Margot Robbie to the DC Universe

Since his debut in DCEU in 2016 with ‘Suicide Squad’, the interpretation of margot robbie like Harley Quinn has been one of the most popular and beloved among fans. Although Robbie has stated that she no longer wants to play the character after ‘Birds of Prey’ and ‘The Suicide Squad’Rumors about his possible return have always been present.

Recently, it was speculated that Robbie would play Harley again in a possible character-focused prequelbut now the creative director of this new DC Comics universe has spoken about it.

This series would focus on the story of how her need to save the Joker led to her mind breaking down, with Margot returning in the lead role she has made so popular.

James Gunn - Margot Robbie - Harley Quinn - DCU

James Gunn has no plans for Harley Quinn

When a fan asked Gunn directly if this rumor was true, he responded by saying: “there is no”, which indicates that there are still no plans for Harley to return or that it is still being kept a secret and the director does not intend to reveal anything ahead of time.

But taking into account the sincerity shown so far on social networks, when he has intervened answering questions from the fandom, Gunn does not usually lie or deceive, in any case, he plays a bit with ambiguity, but when he makes such a direct and blunt statement it is more than possible that there really is no plan.

Before Gunn took over at DC Studios, Gunn nodded in the affirmative when asked if the character would return. Now it seems that the situation has changed. Although there are no confirmed plans for Harley’s return, it is also possible that negotiations may still be ongoing.

Nothing is safe. There are potential projects on the list of ‘Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters’ where the character could return, such as ‘waller’ and even in season 2 of ‘Pacifier’.

Also, Gunn could include Robbie in ‘The Brave and the Bold’, potentially as both an ally and an enemy of Batman Or the Batfamily.

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