James Rodríguez explains the reason why he doesn’t want Real Madrid to win the Champions League and goes with Liverpool: “It will be hard”


James Rodriguez It was news again and not because of a goal or an assist. The Colombian did it after some statements that he left in a Twitch broadcast.

The player was asked which team he would go with in the Champions League final, which Real Madrid and Liverpool will play on May 28.

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James Rodríguez is a former player for the white team and Everton, Liverpool’s staunch rival. What surprises him is that he goes with the Reds in the Champions League final.

“Liverpool is going through a very good moment and has ‘Luchito’ Díaz there, I want Lucho to become champion,” said the Colombian.

However, he acknowledged the difficulty of beating Ancelotti’s men: “Madrid is very screwed up in this type of game. We have seen it in the quarters and in the semifinals. It has a lot of hierarchy.”

And he closed: “It will be hard. I have former teammates at Real Madrid, I love the club very much, they have a long history in these types of games, but Liverpool can play a great game for them”, continued James and reiterated: “I want Lucho to be champion”.

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Rodríguez wants Luis Díaz, his teammate in the Colombian national team, to win his first Champions League, the winger arrived in January and has been a real problem for Liverpool’s rival defenses.

James Rodríguez explains the reason why he doesn't want Real Madrid to win the Champions League and goes with Liverpool:

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