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In the midst of the immense wave of messages unleashed by the death of Freddy Rincón on April 13, the silence of james rodriguezthe current ’10’ of the Selection, surprised his own and others.

Although the man who plays for Olympiacos today spoke in a broadcast on Twitch with a brief “May he rest in peace”, in this 2023 the relationship that Rodríguez had with Rincón made news again.

On this occasion, by the words of Juan Carlos Vásquez, Fifa agent and close to the late Rincón.

“let him retract”
Vásquez cried out against the Cucuteño midfielder.

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‘let him retract’

James Rodríguez celebrates his last goal of 2022.



In the last broadcast of ‘Final File’, a ‘Caracol television’ program, the main character of the program was Freddy Rincón.

In the midst of the messages from his loved ones, the one from the aforementioned Vásquez stood out, who during his speech stated: “That is why I take advantage and tell James Rodríguez to retract what he said. Fredy Rincón is the flagship player of our country worldwide. Let him retract what he said.”.

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The James-Rincon relationship

Prosecutor’s Office will compare reports of the accident with the autopsy to determine if Rincón was driving or not



At the time, Rincón criticized him harshly, after James allegedly said in an interview that he was the best Colombian player in history.

“Here a controversy between James and me was formed, I am clear in my concepts, I do not stay as the Brazilians say ‘on top of the wall’ to say things”Rincón told ‘Pulso Sport’ from Peru at that time.

And I add: “James seems like a good player to me, but he needs more sacrifice, a number of things to call it crack. People have their concepts, mine is that, ”he said.

“I have nothing to talk about with him, I don’t know him, I’m not a friend of his. He has his concept, he was asked a question when he called an influencer, who seems to me half without head and tail, but everyone does what he wants with his life, a question about who was the best Colombian player in history, he said that he, so far I respect each one’s ego and I have nothing to say, if he believes he is the best soccer player in he is respected at all times,” Rincón said at the time.


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