James Wan Admits Amber Heard Doesn’t Appear Much in ‘Aquaman 2’ and Explains Why

It’s premiering this Christmas One of the worst DC movies. Considering how this studio spends it, we have to specify a little more, so let’s just say Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,

This is the sequel to aquamanAnd it’s surprising they’re having so much trouble considering the amount of money the original film made. 1 billion dollars And it is generally considered to be one of the highest points established in this universe. zack snyder, However, it has been delayed several times, and even today it is not Warner Bros. She seems confident that it can work.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomre-directed by james wanhas experienced reshoot (according to which the presence of ben affleck As batman has been removed and retrieved several times), and has also been viewed Influenced by the media trials of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

Since Heard wrote a text Washington Post Assuring that she had suffered gender violence (and Depp sued her for defamation as an ex-partner), the media has taken off its boots with the judicial struggle between the two, of which Depp emerged victorious and won Jahan’s title aquaman 2 Came to appear.

This was in Heard’s testimony. The actress said that she had a problem “smear campaign” As a result of which the former couple and their fans Her role as Meera in aquaman 2 Its expansion was seen decreasing.

“They gave me a script and then gave me other versions of the script that had action scenes cut out that featured my character and another character, without any spoilers, two characters fighting each other, And basically a lot of my role was cut out. , “They said. during the process. “Bus they finished a lot,

Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa

These allegations have been made during a report on Wan himself Entertainment Weekly, The filmmaker then explained what its central connection is. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Arthur Curry (Momoa’s Aquaman) teams up with his old enemy and half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson).

The two must unite to face the common threat of Black Manta. (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), One who has gained great power by virtue of assuming office black trident, But this would not mean that he has actually reduced Meera’s presence due to any external mediation.

Director of evil one He assured that this was the original plan for a sequel. “That’s how I proposed it to everyone from the beginning. the first was aquaman Arthur and Merry’s journey, The second film was always going to be Arthur and Orm. So the first was a romantic action-adventure film, while the second is A bromance action and adventure, And we left it at that.” Therefore, Wan denies that Heard and Depp’s conflict has affected development. aquaman 2,

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