James Webb Space Telescope was not damaged: launch confirmed for December 22nd

As we know in recent days, news has arrived that has kept us in suspense: the launch of the James Webb space telescope was postponed from December 18 to December 22, 2021. The reason is an accident that occurred during the integration between the telescope and the adapter for the Ariane 5 rocket by Arianespace.


Due to this issue, additional tests had to be conducted to ensure that the JWST had not suffered any damage. The space telescope will be placed at 1.5 million km from the Earth and therefore it will not be repairable simply as there are no human missions that have gone so far. Recall that the Moon is about 380,000 km. For this reason everything must be perfect from the first moment and no maintenance operations can be foreseen as was the case initially for the HST.

James Webb Space Telescope is fine, launch confirmed

In the past few hours it has been officially confirmed that the JWST it has not been damaged due to the metal strip which has suddenly released. This is good news as it means they can resume integration work with the rocket and you can think peacefully about launching.

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There NASA stated that “On Wednesday, November 24, engineering teams completed these tests and a NASA-led anomaly review committee concluded that no observatory components were damaged in the crash.”. Today we will start refueling the James Webb space telescope with the propellant necessary to reach and maintain orbit. These operations will last approximately 10 days.

Take-off from the European spaceport in South America is scheduled for December 22nd at 1:20 pm (Italian time). This will allow the many fans who have been waiting for this moment to follow the launch easily. It will take 29 days before you have the JWST in its final configuration and a few months before the scientific observations. All that remains is to wait for the first big step to finally see the James Webb space telescope in Space and then the first images of this new cutting-edge scientific instrument.

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