Jamie Dornan’s recommended movies to watch after ‘Agent Stone’ premieres on Netflix and Prime Video

For many, Jamie Dornan is synonymous with ’50 shades of gray’. His thrilling sexual adventures with millionaire Christian Gray and Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) made a tremendous impression on the actor, but it is also true that after this saga we did not see the interpreter accepting a similar role. It seems that he wants to leave behind the phase in which he became the erotic dream of millions of fans and move on to other types of projects like ‘Agent Stone’, the action film which recently released on Netflix with Gal Gadot. want to work.

In this action film, the actor plays an agent who has to help the protagonist in his mission and everything indicates that their relationship won’t be wonderful at first, although it will soften later. If You Want To Know More About Her Character, Don’t Miss It And When You’re Finished Read About These Other Jamie Dornan’s movies are available on Netflix and Prime Video.

jamie dornan movies on netflix

50 shades of gray

Dakota and Jamie in a scene from '50 Shades of Grey'


The first part of the saga is available on Netflix. The story focuses on the relationship that arises between Anastasia (Dakota Johnson), a student who falls in love with a millionaire businessman, played by Dornan, who has a very special sexual interest. In the film, you will get to see some of the best scenes of cinema.

siege of jadotville

Jamie Dornan in The Siege of Jadotville

Karen Ballard/Netflix

Based on real events, it recounts the experience of a United Nations battalion, made up of over a hundred Irishmen under the command of Commander Patrick, played by Jamie Dornan. In 1961, the battalion was surrounded by 3,000 Congolese men led by French and Belgian mercenaries paid by the mining companies. Perfect for fans of war movies.

Jamie Dornan Movies on Prime Video

50 shades free and 50 shades darker

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson


the next two parts ‘5th Shades of Grey’ Available on Prime Video. In them you will be able to learn how the relationship between the main pair develops. In the first, we see how they enjoy their married life until new threats arrive that try to destroy everything. While in the last installment, after a major crisis, a woman from the past appears to complicate their lives. If you like this genre, don’t miss out on the best erotic movies in the history of cinema.

see saga

flying home

jamie dornan

The actor plays a young American millionaire who is used to always getting his way. However, he will find himself in a difficult situation when he falls in love with the granddaughter of the man he is trying to do business with.

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an irish song

an irish song

amazon prime video

Jamie Dornan and Emily Blunt bring to life two neighbors from a picturesque setting in Ireland. She has been in love with him all her life, but he doesn’t realize it and everything becomes more complicated when the boy’s father tries to sell the farm to his American nephew, who becomes obsessed with the girl when he arrives .

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end, beginning

jamie dornan

It’s not his best film, but if you like rom-coms, it’ll give you a good time. It follows the story of a girl who, after breaking up with what she believed to be the love of her life, begins a phase of self-discovery with an emotional triangle of which Dornan’s character is central. And when you’re done with your movie marathon, don’t miss ‘The Hunt’ is one of the best Netflix series starring the actor.

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