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Halloween actress on her Mother Nature horror comic and Screenwriters Guild strike

The absence of celebrities at the last Comic-Con 2023 was evident from the actors’ strike in Hollywood: William Shatner, Legend star trekSuspends presentation of his biographical documentary, shows and announces new Aquaman suit without Jason Mamoa Miracle Without Brie Larson, Imaan Vellani and Teyona Parris. The biggest exception was Jamie Lee Curtis last girl Of Halloweento be the creator of the horror comic mother nature By the way, he wants to get cast in celluloid as well.

Although the title sounds like an ecological story, it tries to reflect the worst effects of global warming by uncovering a diabolical project to destroy humanity, with the imagery of a graphic novel, which is carried out by the protagonist of this story. Discovered is operated by an oil corporation. to avenge his father, a man who died during a dangerous extraction. The queen of horror films, the daughter of a star psychosisJanet Leigh and the super famous Tony Curtis also talk about what it took to get them a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for the film, after crowning them spectacularly at the Academy Awards. everything everywhere and at the same time, But without going into promotional details only in a genuine way, as she reserved, promoting her appearance in the Star Plus series, in the same way, Bearand film haunted Mansionwhere he shares credits with Jared Leto, Tiffany Haddish, Owen Wilson, Rosario Dawson, Winona Ryder and Danny DeVito.

How much is the actors’ and writers’ strike affecting Hollywood?

To give you an idea, I premiered haunted Mansion and a television series (Bear), but I could not say anything about them. I am part of a community that comes together to create art for other people to enjoy on film or television. But we can’t talk, because our industry has come to a halt.

Which obstacle specifically?

We crossed the barrier of technology. Everything changed in the traditional business model we were accustomed to. We have entered a world of streaming which has completely obliterated traditional ideas. And while people are making money from the new idea of ​​streaming, artists are being denied the opportunity to earn a livelihood. We are there. And we overcome it together, writers’ union to actors’ union.

For the future or to change the present?

Our present sacrifice is for the future of our industry, the future of artists, the future of writers. The present is important for the future.

How long can the strike last and what would be the best solution?

I believe in an agreement between both parties, however it means that no one will be happy. I don’t think we’ll be squealing with joy, but I do think we’ll get more, even if it’s not all we deserve. And they will give more than they want to give. That’s what’s going to happen. When? No one knows, but we are still together. Whenever I am in public, I wear the initials of SAG (Syndicato de Actores) on my chest.

is it the first time that the first edition of mother nature,

This is the first time we’ve been able to see the printed edition in person, along with the first 100 publications that Titan Comics put up for sale during the last Comic-Con. Till now I had seen only the digital version. And I feel like there aren’t many stories like ours, of two mothers and two daughters, plus an evil woman who controls a corporation and abuses these mothers.

Is this idea related to the success of horror in any way? Halloween,

This story is very scary. The death of humans makes our hearts flutter, but the challenges of climate change are far greater as they relate to our mortality. We are living in very dangerous times. It’s an idea I’ve had since I was 19, which turned into a script that we developed with Russell Goldman in 2018.

Part of the story of the fight among indigenous communities against climate change is somewhat similar assassins of the flower moonLeonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese’s New Movie

My original idea was always to focus on the Indian community of the Southwest, and Russell then collaborated with a group of Indigenous consultants with subject matter expertise to create a world of the story about the right mythology.

Do you have any pictures?

I’ve never been able to make a comic, because everything I make is clumped together. Unfortunately I don’t know how to draw or sing. this is not mine. thought of doing mother nature It belonged to the original cartoonist, Carl Stevens. i collect original comics new yorker Did. exchanging messages, I told him the idea of mother nature And after reading the script, he suggested turning it into a comic. I wrote it when I was just out of high school, but it’s not the first thing I’ve published in my life. Before that I was the author of 14 children’s books. I am a writer for a long time. This is my best way of channeling feelings as a human, I try to convert what I see into simple thoughts. In this case, it’s a bit more complex and I’m very excited because it’s a very artistic work and art changes the way people think.

Do you really think that a comic can change people?

Since the beginning of our civilization, art has always been the best translator, the greatest equalizer. Art may not be able to literally combat the crisis we are facing, but it helps process the immeasurable weight of climate change on a more profound scale. It is something that is happening, it cannot be avoided. It’s on the news, just look around us. And if we don’t change, we may be living through the worst moment in our history. We have to change.

Can you imagine your parents watching the moment you win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar?

To be honest, I don’t think there is a world where people look down on us. I believe that our parents live among us with our actions and thoughts to create our own world and pass it on to our children. that’s how it works. I am proud of my parents. But yeah, I’m sure he must have been incredibly proud of me.

A new record was set this year with 65 female Oscar nominees. How did it feel to win a trophy that even your parents couldn’t win?

This is totally an unrealistic pride, although I would have liked more women in the nominations to have equality in all fields. We’re not even close, but we’re getting there. And the topic of inclusion is also a hot topic of debate today, because no one knows how to include everyone. As the mother of a trans daughter, I completely understand this, as it is a genderless category. It’s a complicated topic, but the important thing for now is to be more inclusive and find more opportunities for more women, so that we’re basically everywhere and everywhere, for once.

mother nature It is a 184-page comic that can be purchased in the original language from the Amazon Prime Store for its digital version for $23.74 (406 pesos), while the print version costs 25 (427). So far it has not been translated into Spanish, nor has its distribution been disclosed in Mexican territory.

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