Jamie vs. Britney: Family Trials; the two versions of the Spears

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This Tuesday, HBO presented the new criminal sagas documentary on its Max platform Jamie vs. Britney: Family Trialswhich recounts the conflict between father and daughter, reviewing the versions of both.

This work of 47 minutes each chapter, confronts the versions of Jamie as the loving father savior of a singer with a mental health crisis, and that of Britney, as a woman who suffered the abuse of personality and human rights, during the guardianship of 13 years from his father.

The Britney case against Jamie was of great worldwide expectation after the artist resumed the fight to free herself from her father’s guardianship, which limited her physically, emotionally, economically and legally as an individual, she denounced before the authorities.

The production features testimonials from music industry executives, professionals who worked with the singer, members of the “Free Britney” Movement, archive footage and reports.

Britney Spears, singer.
Britney Spears, singer.

How did Britney and Jamie’s fight come about?

In 2007, Britney Spears shocked show business at the height of his career when he appeared with a completely shaved head, sparking speculation about his mental health. Shortly after, the debate about her possible emotional imbalance escalated when hit a paparazzi’s car with an umbrella. His father Jamie Spears and lawyer Andrew Wallet took the interpreter from toxic under his tutelage, both being responsible for managing the accounts, assets and decisions about the career and life of the artist.

free britney

In 2009, the britney fans they began to suspect that the singer was under the guardianship of her father against her wishes. The speculation generated a mobilization of fans around the world to give visibility to the Free Britney Movement, with the aim of recovering the freedom of the singer. Following the creation of this case, Spears shocked the world with accounts of her life under her ward in testimony that was part of a hearing on the case.

Britney Spears supporter during a #FreeBritney rally.  / Photography: AP.
Britney Spears supporter during a #FreeBritney rally. / Photography: AP.

What is guardianship and what does it entail?

The guardianship, under United States law, It is a form of legal protection for those who, even being of legal age, do not have the capacity to govern the acts of their own lives, totally or partially. This can cover both the management of assets and health care and the personal life of the person being protected. The legislation establishes that tutors must receive all the necessary support to preserve family and community coexistence, which it was not the case of Britney Spears.

Britney’s lawsuit

In 2019, after britney announced an indefinite hiatus in his career and was admitted to a clinic to receive psychiatric treatment, the case resurfaced and seemed to take a different tack. In April of the following year, the singer asked, through lawyers, to go personally to the court in charge of her guardianship, which rejected her request to regain control of her life. The pressure from the fanscreators of Free Britney Movementand various attempts to renegotiate by the artist, pressured the US justice to review the agreement and, in July 2021, Britney returned to court and condensed in 20 minutes, more than 13 years of physical and psychological confinement.

Finally free

Britney Spears filed a lawsuit against her father, accusing him of abusing his role as guardian of her career and stealing from her when you should have been managing your finances. since he stayed released from his father’s guardianship in November 2021the “Princess of Pop” broke relations with him and with the other members of the Spears family (his brothers Jamie Lynn and Bryan Spears and their mother, Lynne Spears).


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