Jan Ravnik: Taylor Swift’s sensual dancer who will come to Monterey

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Jan Ravnik, dancer and choreographer participating in The Eras Tour with Taylor SwiftVery soon I will visit the city of Monterrey.

And this is the man who is a guest tempo dance conventionA professional choreographic project aimed at creating additional training and space for advanced level dancers who are looking for different experiences and opportunities for choreographic work.

The convention is guided by recognized teachers and choreographers with extensive experience in the field of professional dance.

on this occasion, Tempo Dance Convention Calls for First Time in Monterrey on Dates October 13 to 17, 2023In which you can already register in the form given in your Instagram account details

The artist will be present as a special guest on the royal land in this edition Phil Wright is the executive producer and choreographer for “Disney Fam Jam”., the new family dance competition show on Disney Channel; Too Olga Sokolova is a Russian-born professional ballet dancer and choreographer. Contemporary and rhythmic gymnastics*.

Olga has worked as a choreographer Dancer for Pharrell Williams, Chris Brown, Kygo, Seal, Cartier, Google, Samsung and Nissan,

And Jan Ravnik Joins The List, Who Broke Thousands Of Hearts On Tour Eras Tour through the United States and Mexico.

on social networks like Tiktok, Jan Ravnik’s videos have gone viral, especially when she dances sensually to Taylor Swift’s song Lavender Haze.

And the dancer’s presence in Mexico was so fiery that some even compared her to singer Chayenne. Do they look alike?

Who is Jan Ravnik?

Jan Ravnik is a dancer born in Slovenia, Europe, he is 28 years old; However, from an early age he displayed a passion for dance. She studied at various artistic and dance schools such as the Joffrey Ballet School in New York, United States.

He has won awards such as:

  • best dancers in slovenia
  • Best Coach/Choreographer of the Slovenian Olympic Committee
  • Nominated for Universal Dance Award

But Ravnik hasn’t only worked for Taylor Swift She has been a dancer for Mariah Carey and Bruno Mars.

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