Jane Fonda accused Jennifer López of hitting her on a set: “She never apologized to me”

The iconic actress Jane Fonda, movie legendenvironmental activist and beloved television figure thanks to the LGBTIQ+ series Grace and Frankie, revealed a dark anecdote that he lived during the filming of the film A careful mother-in-law (2005) and that he confronted her with Jennifer López, his then co-star. “She never apologized to me,” said the protagonist of Barbarella in a harsh accusation against the Bronx diva.

invited to The Drew Barrymore Show -the late night show of the actress ET the alienJane Fonda recalled a controversial episode that she lived with Jennifer López on the set of the romantic comedy directed by Robert Luketic, where she played a very authoritarian mother who disapproves of her son marrying Charlie (López). In one of the most remembered scenes of the film, the current wife of Ben Affleck and Jane Fonda intertwine in a slapping battle that did not end well, the actress revealed.

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“What immediately comes to mind when I think of that film is that we have a slapping scene. I slap her, she slaps me, I slap her… And well… Jennifer had a huge diamond ring, so when she slapped me one of the times, she cut off my eyebrow. The truth is that she never apologized.”sentenced Jane Fonda, scolding her colleague.

The questioned excuse of Jennifer Lopez

Although she never apologized for having hurt her, Jennifer López did refer to the problematic situation in an interview she gave in 2019 where she took the opportunity to launch a stripped-down excuse: “I was very afraid of hitting Jane Fonda in the face or hurting her in some way , really. Her character was very similar to her, and my character at the time was very similar to me. (…) she was so afraid of him and she was so brave and she said: ‘Just hit me. Don’t worry about it, it’s going to be okay.’”

Although the bad relationship between the actresses was one of the rumors that spread and became famous, the film meant the triumphant return of Jane Fonda to the cinema, after the pause that was taken from the entertainment industry in the ’90s. Currently, the actress is in the middle of a campaign 80 for Brady, comedy that once again has her pairing with Lily Tomlin (her starring partner in the celebrated Grace and Frankie).

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