Japan towards the reopening of its borders from the end of May

Japan is ready to double the quotas of daily tourist arrivals in the country after an almost total closure due to Covid-19. The Kyodo Agency anticipates this – which cites government sources, reporting that the executive plan has already been tested in the airport offices during the extended holiday week of Golden Week, which has just ended, and that most of the foreign arrivals, up to 20,000 per day, they will initially consist of flows managed by tour operators.

The Tokyo government has imposed border rules considered among the strictest among the G7 nations, and has been criticized by industry associations for excessively extending the ban on the arrivals of non-resident citizens, including international students and skilled workers. The executive led by the conservative premier Fumio Kushida had decided to close people who do not have a residence permit on 30 November, in conjunction with an acceleration of coronavirus infections globally.

Only from 1 March were controls loosened on business trips, for students already in possession of a visa and on some categories of jobs considered useful. In the whole of 2021, according to the Japanese Tourist Agency (JTA), the number of foreign tourists fell to 245,900, the lowest since 1964, a decrease of 99.2% from the pre-pandemic reference values ​​of 2019. .

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