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PONCE – Puerto Rican hurdler Jasmine Camacho-Quinn finished second in the Puerto Rico International Athletics Classic, played at the Francisco “Paquito” Montaner stadium, in Ciudad Señorial.

Camacho-Quinn closed the day by clocking a time of 12.52 seconds in the 100 meter hurdles, while the American Alysha Johnson came first with 12.50 seconds.

“There was a false start (by another athlete) in the race that (the judges) didn’t give. I sat down and was the last person to start. Obviously, I’m not happy about that, but they have to do the proper review. There was a clear false start, but we’ll see in the next race,” Camacho-Quinn said honestly, his voice cracking.

This was the Puerto Rican’s first event on the island after winning the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

Camacho-Quinn looked under pressure as he raced for the first time in front of the Puerto Rican crowd. Also, a few weeks ago, he came from tripping over a fence at the Drake Relays in Iowa, which prevented him from finishing the race.

The expectation was total in the Paquito Montaner before an audience that cheered the outstanding athlete. At the end of the race, she gave a lap of honor to greet the public that applauded her.

Camacho-Quinn had a bad start in the starting box, which forced her to come back during the short race. The 12.52 seconds was his worst time of the season.

At the Olympics, the outstanding athlete did a time of 12.26 seconds.

Despite everything, Camacho-Quinn assured that he felt the affection of the people of Puerto Rico.

“The public was affectionate, despite the fact that the race was not what was expected. I still received a lot of love and I am grateful for that,” she said with a trembling voice.

Paola Vázquez, from Toalteña, came eighth with a time of 13.35 seconds.

Two silvers for Puerto Rico

In other results, the Carolina jumper Luis Joel Castro won the silver medal in the high jump test by jumping the pole in 2.17 meters; while Gabby Scott had a great race closing the 400-meter dash with 51.42 seconds, setting a personal best and a new record for the season.

For her part, Puerto Rican hurdler Grace Claxton finished in ninth position in the 400-meter hurdles, clocking 56.29 seconds.

Meanwhile, heptal specialist Alysbeth Félix made her return to the slopes with a new long jump personal best of 6.45 meters.

In the men’s 800-meter dash, Ryan Sánchez from Carolina finished third with an official time of 1:46.42, his best mark of the season.

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