Jason Bateman on saying goodbye to ‘Ozark,’ the fate of the Byrdes and his future as a director

For four seasons, Marty and Wendy Byrde survived the drug cartel that threatened them.

The end of ‘Ozarks’

They’ve tangled with cartels and crime syndicates, petty criminals and law-breaking CEOs, compromised law enforcement officers, and even members of his own family, all while running a money laundering scheme that threatens to explode at any moment.

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And yet When the hit Netflix show concluded its 44-episode run, both Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney), as well as their two children, were miraculously still standing. That, in itself, would be a remarkable achievement given the high death toll in ‘Ozark’. The Byrdes broke the law, built a political support base, and outsmarted their enemies.

batman, who played a key role both in front of and behind the camera as The show’s star, executive producer and director of nine of its episodes, is hesitant to declare the Byrdes a winner. Rather, he claims that the show gives them a happy ending, one that comes with a warning.

The actor’s sayings

“It felt really good to finish something that we all worked so hard to try to do in a somewhat specific and precise way”, started off saying Bateman for Variety. “I would like to think that they all came pretty close to the ambitious goal we were looking to achieve with the show.”

Consulted by the end of the program, which generated various reactions, the actor said that: «It wasn’t planned at all. One of the advantages of doing something without a predetermined ending is that you can react to the actors, the characters and the audience and see which plots and which characters are drawing attention and which ones are not working. Then you adjust. In terms of how it all ended, Chris and I talked about whether or not we should have the Byrdes pay a bill or not.”

“Do they get away with it or not? We tried a bunch of different endings. Laura also intervened with one. Ultimately, we wanted Chris to make the decision and he was very excited to think of a happy ending, but adding some kind of taint. There is something dirty there. Because once we fade to black, we see that they got away with it, but at what cost?”sentenced Batman.

Of his directing career, Bateman said: “I still love acting, but I think I’ll love directing even more. A lot of that has to do with everything I’ve been able to absorb as an actor for over 40 years. You see what everyone is doing on set to create what the audience is enjoying, and the actor is just one part of that, but a director plays with all departments, including the acting side.”

Regarding the movie Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson who will direct, assured that: “Acting is still enjoyable, but I’m a bit of a hedonist and right now directing is where I’m getting the most pleasure. But nothing is more exciting than directing and acting, so it was a lot of fun in ‘Ozark.’ The next thing I’m going to do is probably just direct. I don’t think I play a part in that.”

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