Jason Derulo gets scared when he can’t get out a smart ring: He has to resort to saws – music

Jason Derulo One of the most iconic ‘pop’ artists of the 2000s. The North American holds 14 platinum records and has over 28 million followers on Instagram. In this 2023, he has released several ‘singles’, the most recent being: ‘give you love‘ in which the singer collaborates with Jessica Mauboy.

He’s been giving a lot to talk about, and yesterday, August 21, the “Trumpets” singer posted a video on Instagram that left many people speechless in the comments. This is a series of clips in which the singer joins us A little unpleasant adventure.

Recently, the singer acquired the famous ‘our ring‘, the smart ring that allows us to follow the movements of our heart with realistic data. Thus, sleep, sports and any physical activity of the wearer of the said ring is controlled. In the video, Derulo She explains that while she was sleeping, the ring had made a bulge on her finger, and now she couldn’t take it off, that fear we all have from wearing tight rings.

He put ice, oil and every other product you can think of to remove it, and it completely failed:”This is very shameful. When I woke up, my fingers were swollen to such an extent that it seemed as if their color had changed. And I started thinking how can I get this ring off my finger. I tried pitching it with snow and it went down a bit. But later, I went to the gym and my finger swelled up even more.,

We then see how the singer goes to the hospital, and there they give him an anti-inflammatory treatment with a spray. Afterwards they proceed to cut the ring with a special saw for these cases, until they have managed to break it slightly, and finally remove it. All throughout the video, we can see Jason Derulo calm enough for that situation, but at the end, He was just scared.

Jason Derulo’s new dates for Madrid and Barcelona

The North American, 14 platinum record holder, returns to Barcelona and Madrid with these two dates: The 6th DecemberSant Jordi will perform at the club and 7th December At WiZink Center.

Tickets for these concerts will go on sale next Friday, June 30 at 10am. doctormusic.com And entradas.com,

official poster

Since he was successful with his 5x platinum single’what do you saysold more than 200 million records Whole world. His latest achievements include becoming one of the most influential creators TIC Tocwith the eleventh Largest account and 4th most followed person on the platform.

After signing with Atlantic Records in early 2021, Derulo ushers in a new era, proving his ability to create unforgettable, viral pop songs. He is currently working on his long-awaited fifth album, which is his first full-length since ‘.everything is 4‘, Of 2015, From that work he was able to achieve great successes like ‘.lifestyleFeat. adam levine,dance away‘And Double Platinum’Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat)‘, a collaboration with New Zealand producer Josh 685, who reached #1 on Top 40 radio with his official remix featuring iconic KPOP band BTS, reached the top spot on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Recently, Australian-New Zealand electronic music duo, Derulo and SHOUSE released a new dance anthem.never let you go,

Derulo He has also established himself as an actor and businessman, investing in companies such as Catch LA and Rumble Boxing, and becoming a partial owner of a vodka brand. North Carolina,

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