Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet give each other a second chance

Close reconciliation? At least there are indicators that lead to Jason Momoathe interpreter of Aquaman, already Lisa Bonet, with a view to that end.

Sources close to the couple who had announced their separation last January, after five years together, assure that they would be giving the relationship a second chance.

In accordance with hollywoodlife they have decided to work on it, considering the obstacles they face to be salvageable.

Presumably one of the arguments to end the relationship was Momoa’s increasingly fruitful career, whose film calls took him away from the family for weeks.

“He wants to work as much as he can,” a source close to the magazine assured. Peopleat the time.

The age between the two, he 42 years old and she 54, was not a reason for the separation, they assured those close to the couple.

Their relationship began in 2005, from which their now teenage children Lola and Nakoa-Wolf were born, marrying twelve years later.

“We have all suffered the changes of the current era. A revolution is developing and our family is no stranger to it”, they wrote in their farewell message, released two months ago.

“The love between us continues and has evolved in ways that deserve to be known,” they added in the text.

This week Momoa attended the premiere of “The Batman”, where Zöe Kravitz, Bonet’s eldest daughter and whom the actor has seen grow professionally, performs.

“We are very proud, Lisa could not be here, so I am with my children. We are still family,” Momoa told Entertainment Tonight on his way down the red carpet.

Jason, always close to Lisa

Following his recent split from Lisa Bonet, the actor moved into a luxurious mobile home, which is parked in the yard of a friend’s house in Los Angeles.

Momoa, 42, was comfortable in his “new home” which, according to US media, costs $750,000.

The Aquaman actor thus found a way to be close to his former home in Topanga Hills, where Bonet, 53, and the couple’s two children now live: Lola Iolani, 14, and Nakoa-Wolf, 13. In the images that emerged on social networks, you can see him with a beard of several days and messy hair.

The motorhome has been owned by the actor for a few years, in fact he customized it to his liking. The North American media affirm that since 2018 he has occasionally used that space to sleep. “He stays there quite often and for some movies he has opted to sleep there instead of a hotel so he can be close to the beach,” a source told The Sun.

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