Jason Momoa will be a warlord in an Apple TV+ series

Jason Momoa will participate in Chief of Wara mini-series about the colonization and annexation of Hawaii for Apple TV+.

Nothing stops him. After stringing together several high-caliber (albeit sometimes dubious) projects over the past decade such as Justice League by Zack Snyder, Aquaman, Game Of Thrones Where Dunesthe actor is about to participate in the tenth installment of the franchise Fast and Furious.

But beyond embodying the future antagonist of Vin Diesel, or even putting on his wet superhero costume in Aquaman 2the actor is now preparing to be not only starring, but also at the controls of a brand new project where the latter will play an indigenous warlord for Apple TV+.

See Season 1 : Photo Jason MomoaAfter the Dothraki chief, and the warrior Baba Voss, Momoa soon as a native war chief

After a first collaboration on the rather nice post-apocalyptic series SeeJason Momoa re-signs with the platform for a project around the unification and colonization of Hawaii. Narrated from the point of view of the native populations of the islands of the archipelago, the historical drama will be according to variety : “An epic and unprecedented tale“. And it is true that the beginnings of a plot based not on the perspective of the colonizer, but many colonized residents have something to intrigue the future viewer.

In addition to playing the main role, Jason Momoa also participated in the creation and writing of Chief of War, a creative turning point in which the actor has increasingly subscribed in recent years. His previous producer or screenwriter credits on projects such as Road to Paloma or the upcoming footage The Last Manhunt (alongside Thomas Pa’a Sibbett, who is also attached to the Apple TV+ project) have each paved the way towards this new project to which the actor, himself of Hawaiian descent, attaches particular importance as he confided to the microphone of AP-Entertainment during the red carpet Ambulance :

“Have you ever seen the history of Hawaii represented? Not really. Why wouldn’t it matter? This is such a new topic that I wanted to make sure to see with everyone involved at Apple TV+ that I say the good things. It’s a kind of apotheosis for me, the pinnacle. It’s my Dances with Wolves, my Braveheart, my Last of the Mohicans…”

If the project is currently only in the very early stages of pre-productionhowever, we know that Chief of War will consist of eight episodes. To be continued.

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