Jason Statham: his seven best action movies

Jason Statham is one of the hottest action actors working today, and when he’s on screen it seems nothing is impossible. Whether hunting megalodon or participating in a death race, Statham is a superstar. Statham made his debut in the film business Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 1998. The Guy Ritchie film brought Statham into the limelight and marked one of many collaborations between Ritchie and the actor. Now, 25 years later Lock, Stock and Two Smoking BarrelsStatham is a brand in himself.

Many of Statham’s Movies Are Big, Bold and Wild, While Maybe Not citizen Kane In action movies, they are usually very well made and a lot of fun. The actor has some ability to portray tough action heroes who are capable of superhuman feats. He’s a tough guy, and his most successful performances are the ones that take advantage of his over-the-top action hero grit. Statham is also an understated comedian, many of his roles playing out the ridiculous scenarios his characters find themselves in.

to celebrate the launch of Meg 2: The AbyssSo, let’s take a look at the seven best action movies of Jason Statham.

7. The Fate of the Furious (2017)

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since furious 7 After Deckard Shaw was introduced to the Fast & Furious universe, the character remained in the lead, thanks to Statham’s performance. The big bad brother of Fast & Furious 6 antagonist Owen Shaw, Deckard is a one-man army. The character even has his own character arc, going from the menacing villain of Furious 7 to the most anti-hero character fans know. fate of the fierce And Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw,

Yes, OK Hobbs & Shaw Fast sees Statham in his most important role within the universe, this is where his best moments come from fate of the fierce Since 2017. The film, in which Dom and his team take on a cyberterrorist named Cipher (Charlize Theron), is admittedly flawed. However, Statham shines. The scene where he escapes from prison with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the best action sequences in the franchise, and the plane rescue scene is another standout scene for Deckard.

6. The Expendables 2 (2010)


The Expendables franchise asks: what if we gathered all the mighty action heroes and stuffed them into a single movie? From Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger to Jean-Claude Van Damme, the expendables It’s like a fire-forged love letter to the classic action movies of the 1980s. While the movies themselves may not be spectacular achievements in cinema, the franchise never fails to produce suspenseful action from all corners of the globe.

The best film of the franchise came in 2010 The Expendables 2, which stars Statham in some spectacular action sequences. the movie is great Give them a shot Ultra-violent that works well as an old school action movie. with luck, in expense4bles In September we will see Statham in top form once again.

5. The Meg (2018)

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meg It’s a cheesy and funny romance bordering on the absurd. When a creature thought to be extinct attacks a submarine in the deep sea, only one man can save the world: Jonas Taylor. Statham, of course. The rescue diver is tasked with saving the crew and the sea from a giant prehistoric shark, Megalodon.

meg It’s an action movie, a monster movie, and a self-parodying comedy. He knows he’s amazing and wild, but he doesn’t really care. It’s about having fun, nothing more. meg Casts Statham in an action hero performance perfectly suited to his top-notch talents. It’s an exaggeration, but he knows it’s an exaggeration. He is winking at the audience; His sense of humor fits perfectly here. and if ok meg definitely not JawsA totally fun killer shark movie that uses Statham – and his real-life scuba experience – to the fullest.

4. Wrath of Man (2021)


Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham are a perfect match, and some of the best work comes from each when they collaborate. Together man’s wrath, that proverb is fulfilled. This gritty crime thriller stars Statham as H, a cold and mysterious man who has recently started working as a security guard for an armored cash transport company. When an attempted robbery of a truck is foiled, H shows us that he is little more than a conventional security guard.

man’s wrath It has all of Ritchie’s trademark style, and makes good use of Statham’s brooding and mysterious nature. The English actor transforms into an expert marksman, displaying a level of action bravery that only a few actors can muster. Statham is key to making the entire film a success. It is important that the audience believe in his performance as the mysteriously deadly H and Statham does not fail.

3. Snatch (2000)

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snatch One of Hollywood’s biggest actors, Brad Pitt is seen in his title role, but it is Jason Statham who steals the show. This serious and darkly funny criminal caper is a fan favorite because of its dynamic filming and tons of laughs. Another collaboration with director Guy Ritchie, the film marks one of Statham’s best performances, and is only his second film.

Richie is a unique filmmaker and snatch This is a unique film. With amazing presentation of wild characters, it is highly engrossing from start to finish. snatch Highly stylized in design, set in Britain’s seedy underworld, this is a wonderful criminal caper full of dark laughs. Like one of Statham’s early hits, snatch This was the first sign of his coming to be a huge movie star.

2. Detective (2015)

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Spy isn’t a traditional Jason Statham movie, but that’s why it works so well. The 2015 action comedy follows CIA analyst Melissa McCarthy, who goes into action when her partner is murdered. It is directed by Paul Feig, best known for his work in films such as bridesmaids And Heat, While Spy is really just an excuse for Melissa McCarthy to do her job, Statham’s work is impeccable; It ruins every minute of your screen time.

Statham makes a hilarious and effective parody of himself by playing his traditional character as a macho but suave action hero. As secret agent Richard Ford, Statham is able to completely submerge himself in the comedy. McCarthy and Statham square off in hilarious fashion, and Statham’s role as the extraordinary secret agent is perfectly played. By casting Statham in the role, both Feig and the actor could take advantage of his legendary reputation as an actor. It’s a perfect choice for a funny, intelligent and upbeat film.

1. Crank (2006)

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Jason Statham is one of the absolute kings of outrageous action, and crank It is by far the best example of that enormity. The 2006 film has a simple premise: A hit man named Chev Chelios has been poisoned and has only an hour to live unless he gets his adrenaline pumping all the time. However, the plot isn’t really the issue crank, It’s about Jason Statham, all about wild action and Jason Statham doing all the savagery possible.

Crank is a high-octane adrenaline rush in the most literal way, a mix of intensity and depravity. Filmmaking certainly isn’t for everyone, but anyone who wants to make action movies has found their holy grail here. It’s outrageously outrageous and downright silly at times, but that’s what makes it great. It’s a manic B-movie with questionable moral direction, a cult classic that relishes its craziness.

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