Javier Arias, dean of Medicine, candidate for rector of the UCM

Javier Arias, candidate for rector of the UCM.

The dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), javier ariashas confirmed to Medical Writing who will be a candidate for the elections to the Rectorate summoned this Tuesday.

In declarations to this newspaper, the dean of Medicine of the UCM has emphasized the “precipitation” of the center when calling elections for rector, a position that he currently holds Joaquin Goyache. “everything will go very fastquickly and running ”, has warned Arias, who advances that the vote will take place on March 21, before Easter.

Arias himself has pointed out that he will start the campaign imminently to be able to visit the 26 faculties.

The call for elections to the rectorate of the UCM was announced this Tuesday, coinciding with the recognition of Isabel Diaz Ayuso as an illustrious student of the University. The visit of the president of the Community of Madrid to the Faculty of Information Sciences was marked by protests by student groups and the deployment of strong security measures.

Conditions for the rector elections

PhDs with permanent links to the University, the rest of the teaching and research staff and the administration and services staff may be candidates. In turn, active members of the UCM faculty will be eligible.

In case you have to hold a Second roundthe vote will take place on the day March 29. Voting will be held from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., at the faculties, at the Rectorate (Avda. Séneca, 2) and at the María Cristina Escorial Royal University Center.

In addition, the candidacies can be formalized before the Central Electoral Board, accompanied by an electoral program, and will be presented at the electronic headquarters of the UCM from January 25 to February 6.

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