Jay-Z Kicked Her Off Her Private Plane: Concerns Grow About Cara Delevingne’s Health

In mid-September, a series of photos went viral on various social networks in which actress Margot Robbie is seen very distressed after visiting her friend, British supermodel Cara Delevingne, at her home in Los Angeles.

At that time, media from around the world reported that Delevingne, 30, has been deeply concerned for some time by his relatives about the deterioration of his physical and mental health. In fact, in various images she appears very thin, disheveled, looking like a homeless person, with a lost look and unable to control her movements.

Everything indicates that the actress also suffers from a serious addiction problem, aa proviso that was further exposed when Jay-Z ejected her (with her puppy Alfie) from their private jet as they were about to take off from the Los Angeles airport.

The reasons that Beyoncé’s husband had to kick her off the plane are unknown, but it is suspected that it may have been because of a drug problem, given the erratic behavior he showed in the terminal of the Californian city after being evicted by rapper and producer.

Cara Delevingne was caught apparently drugged, talking on the phone while a bodyguard waited to load her into a van with tinted windows to take her home.

Previously, images had also been viralized where the model appears inside a car in a Hollywood parking lot while smoking what was apparently a joint of marijuana or another substance, in addition to ingesting a few drops. She later changed her clothes inside the vehicle and entered a Sex Shop, where she spent half an hour.

Due to all these situations, the friends and relatives of the model and actress want to admit her to a rehabilitation clinic, but apparently she refuses. Her two sisters, in particular, are keen to help her avoid the doom of celebrities like Amy Winehouse.

Drugs have always been present in the life of Cara Delevingne, who is part of a conservative, rich and aristocratic British family. Her mother, Pandora, is a socialite who was addicted to heroin and suffers from bipolar disorder that she went undiagnosed for years.

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