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The Tamaulipas and native of Tampico, Jasmine Chifigure among the 120 most innovative women in the world. The news that took her by surprise places her alongside other powerful women, such as Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie and the Panamanian singer-songwriter, Erika Enders; she expressed her emotion, and is described as a multifaceted woman, book writer, businesswoman, international speaker, but above all a person dedicated to spreading love and knowledge around the world.

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In an interview for THE SUN OF TAMPICO the Master’s degree in Technology, Innovation and Education by Harvard University in USAand another in Education with a Specialty in Cultural Diversity from the Far Eastern Federal University in Russia, shares her international experience and how she has landed her projects in her hometown.

“When I started to leave my area and get to know different aspects is when I start to see the need for love in all countries, I start to see how to develop it, educate with love, I think that is how it was born, I reached many places where I had to see children, young people and adults who, although we did not speak the same language, realized that love was the only thing that connected us”recounts.


Thanks to her constant work, Jazmín Chi, from Tampico, was recognized as one of the 120 most innovative women in the world, along with Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie, Michelle Bachelet, Erika Endersthe Queen Rania of Jordanto mention a few.

“It was very interesting because at that time I was doing my second master’s degree at Harvard, being there I see that they were labeling me, it was quite surprising, it was very nice because I saw all the women who were included and seeing myself there was very nice. I never found out who nominated me, but whoever it was I really appreciate it.”

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assured that its mission is to continue spreading love and knowledge around the worldwhich will continue, that without a doubt her career led her little by little to consolidate herself as what she is today, which is why she seeks to share that experience with others.

“Sometimes we are afraid, sometimes you want to do something and you see that other people are doing it and you say why I am doing it, sometimes we minimize ourselves, but you have to do it, you don’t know when you can benefit another person”, concluded.


One of the reasons why Jazmín is recognized worldwide is for her interest in education and she has achieved all this through Chi Foundation Y Chi Educational Groupwhere they have a language school, a leadership development skills school and a publishing house.

The Tamaulipas woman, originally from Tampico, was recognized as one of the 120 most innovative women in the world; She will continue assured with her work, since it is beautiful to see how Tampico transcends through positive actions, and that standing out within this group of innovators such as Michelle Obama, former first lady of the United States, and Angelina Jolie, is truly something extraordinary. .

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