Jazz Correia at war with Nabilla and Maëva Ghennam? She reveals who her worst enemy is! (Interview)

While they were already available on MyTF1 Max, the episodes of The JLC Family: together that’s all!, land on TFX! You can follow the adventures of Lawrence and Jazz Correia in Los Angeles with their whole team. The stars of the JLC have even decided to leave Dubai to settle there! In Dubai precisely, Jazz clashed with Nabilla and Maeva Ghennam.

Jazz’s enemy? Oh there are several!

But then which of the two is his worst enemy? She answered us in our Interro Surprise. “Jazz’s enemy? Oh there are several!“Laughs Laurent. “I have two. But the worst of the two?“, resumes his wife.

Frankly there are two, Nabilla and Maëva (Ghennam). Now which is the worst?” he wonders, before Jazz answers cash to the famous question: “Maeva!“. A formalization that is not likely to improve their relationship!

It’s me who argues

On Laurent’s side, Jazz explains: “I think Laurent, he doesn’t care about anyone. But if he really had to say someone who perhaps disappointed him or that he no longer appreciates at all, I would say Thomas Vergara“, before confessing: “He doesn’t give a damn about everything in general. It’s still me who argues“. It’s true that Jazz has a strong character and she doesn’t hide it! In a previous interview, she had already told us that she didn’t get along with Carla Moreau either.

To discover the complete Interro Surprise of those who will soon be found facing the Guedj in The Battle of the Clanssee you in the video at the top of the article!

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