Jazz funk phenomenon DOMi & JD Beck unveil new single (video)

The next generation of jazz funk is well and truly assured with the young prodigies Domitilla Degalle and J.D. beck ! Aged 19 and 22 respectively, the two musicians shine with their fluid playing and their great artistic maturity, two qualities that we find on the new title born from the fusion of their creative genius, Smile.

The two teenagers with a very retro look and a very developed sense of irony have been sharing for 3 years now the videos of their covers, but also of their own compositions, on Youtube where they are followed by more than 98,000 Internet users. Noted by rapper and producer Kendrick lamarthe duo has also recently signed a collaboration with the popstar Ariana Big on the song Them Changes before joining the label ofAnderson Paak where their new single has just been released.

DOMi & JD Beck rely on a short film paying tribute to their mentor, MacDeMarcowhom they imagine old and sad and who they try to make smile.

The young duo will perform on stage in France on September 10, on the stage of the prestigious festival Jazz at La Villette to Paris ! Tickets are available here!

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