“Je suis très fier”: Jon Voight’s rare revelations about his girlfriend Angelina Jolie

Published on June 25, 2024 at 15:20.

“Je suis très fier”: Jon Voight's rare revelations about his girlfriend Angelina Jolie

“I’m too hot”: Jon Voight’s rare revelations about his girlfriend Angelina Jolie – ©Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Angelina Jolie’s father, Jon Voight, trusts his daughter and petite daughter Vivienne.

Angelina Jolie salutes her work. On June 16, the actress announced her Tony Awards premiere for directing the new musical comedy “The Outsiders.” Brad Pitt’s ex-wife, along with her daughter Vivienne, arrived at the scene to pick up the trophy. In fact, the girl and girl in the ensemble are the receptionists of this project. This is a difference that for both women is more than equal to their surroundings. John Voigt, Angelina Jolie’s father, fired from TMZ after her daughter and her petite girl win: “Je suis très fier de Vivienne et Angie. Elle (Angelina Jolie) essay vraiment d’encourager chacun de ses enfants à être ce qu’ils veulent être” and it is confirmed by the tabloids.

Jon Voight Tells Angelina Jolie’s Story

In the bathroom, it is explained that it is Vivienne who inspired her to reveal the story, inspired by S.E.’s novel. Hinton. An anecdote confirmed by Angelina Jolie in the stories she entertained in Deadline: “Elle (Vivienne) watches “The Outsiders” in La Jolla for five days and in her conversation says: “Alors que j’avais lu le livre et vu le movie il ya des années”, avait-elle rapporté. Jon Voight also explained that at the time of launching the production of the musical comedy, he asked me to tell him that the story was a “tombée amoureuse” and that it was exciting and enthusiastic in terms of the idea of ​​​​the production.

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Des Confused Surprenantes Quand on Sait Qu’Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight sont éloignés ces dernières années. The relationship between the father and the girl does not see anything good. “It’s terrible when Angelina is little. Une facette de sa personnalité tordue, et il n’y peut Rien,” trust us in 2014.

In November 2023, on “I am so sad that my girl, like others, does not have a understanding of the honor of God, the truths of God”, I was asked about X. The tension between the father and the serene girl – are they apays?

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