Jean-Luc Reichmann was acclaimed on his return from a motorcycle road trip… Alizée defends Camila Cabello…

June 15, 2022

Prince William and Kate Middleton pay tribute to victims of Grenfell Tower fire

It has been five years since the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower which claimed the lives of 72 people. Prince William and his wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, attended the ceremony honoring the victims. According to Town and Countrythe princely couple also spoke in private with relatives of the victims.

Many people wore green, a color that symbolizes this tragedy. Earlier in the day, survivors and families of the victims met at Westminster Abbey.

Jean-Luc Reichmann had the right to a great party when he returned from his motorcycle road trip

Alizée defends Camila Cabello

Victim of body-shaming on social networks for several days, Camila Cabello was defended by Alizée, who reposted a publication from OhMymag urging those who attack the singer to “leave women’s bodies alone”.

“For the past few days, singer Camila Cabello has clearly been bodyshamed because of these photos. Leave Camila’s body alone, leave women’s bodies alone. We do not have to justify ourselves for having a NORMAL body, ”writes the media, relayed in Story by Alizée.

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