Jeannette Reyes: from reading the Listin to presenting news on Fox

As a child, her father insisted that she read the Dominican newspaper, Listín Diario; apparently she already sensed her destiny: to present news on “Fox 5 Morning” and “Good Day DC” through Fox 5 in Washington, capital of the United States.

Jeannette Reyes’ dreams were to be an artist or a lawyer, but someone saw in her the aptitude for journalism. Reading a lot, writing and asking questions were the three qualities that a friend noticed to guide her to what Gabriel García Márquez describes as the best job in the world and, once she was on her way to the race, she felt that she had found her purpose.

The third of four children, Reyes was born in Providence, Rhode Island. There, in a community of Dominicans, she grew up with her mother, originally from Villa Juana, and her father (who died 11 years ago) was from San Isidro, both sectors in the Dominican capital.

The latter assigned read the articles published in the newspaper Listín Diario so that he could learn Spanish, a language that he speaks very fluently and has an extensive vocabulary. In addition to mastering the mother tongue of his parents, he recognized in that practice the value and the importance of news.

“To me I love to inform peopleI love the challenge of being able to do it in an interesting way, being able to teach something to people who perhaps didn’t know or perhaps saw it differently”, he says with the sparkle in the eyes of a person who is passionate about what he does.

Jeannette paid special attention to those journalistic notes related to the Latino community and those of the Dominican Republic, to find out what was happening abroad and in her country of origin. Today, this has led her to assume the role of its advocate, as well as a spokesperson and channel for Latinos.

“I report a tragedy that has affected or is affecting the Latino community and I see my parents, so I feel that responsibility to represent to that community, to inform that community, because sometimes they don’t know about the resources they have here or the benefits they deserve, to which they have the right,” says Jeannette, who is part of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and of the National Association of Afro Journalists.

But reaching the homes of hundreds of Americans and winning the affection of the audience has not been an easy task. He has achieved it based on what is called “hustle” in English, but in colloquial language is called “joseo”.

Reyes explains: “I threw myself, I threw myself and I looked to see how one has to do things”. So he says that he started his story to achieve what he has achieved so far.

Reyes worked at ABC Philadelphia and then as a general assignment reporter for the ABC affiliate in Washington, DC. Photo courtesy of the interviewee

“While I was in college, there came a time when my parents couldn’t pay what we owed and my job was to look for scholarships”, this until he obtained the monetary aid he needed to pay for his tuition.

After completing his studies in journalism at the University of Kent, he perseveringly searched for who he could talk to, what he had to do in order to fulfill his dreams, and it has been those connections that he has obtained along the way that have helped him, perhaps not with job opportunities as such, but with advice or introducing them to other people. “And if it weren’t for that, I think I wouldn’t be here.”

Jeannette Reyes recognizes that the road is difficult and that sometimes people get disappointed by focusing on the challenges, but urges that they can grow and overcome if they look for those people with the possibilities and the desire to help.

In addition, when you have the support of the family, the challenges and difficulties are more bearable. For example, he has heard comments about the color of her skin, but these words that sometimes hurt They have not been a brake on becoming a floor presenter and much less an obstacle to achieving the professionalism that stands out.

“But I’ve always found a way to get over it, because my mom has always told me not to take things personally, because sometimes people say things and think things, and you’re the one who decides if you’re going to let it impact you in any way.” negative, do not give that person that power, ”he adds.

Jeannette with her mother, Milagros. Photo courtesy of the interviewee

Likewise, Jeannette points out that the difference there is that has found its greatest advantage and manifests to those who have a history different from the rest, that they see it as a strength.

the country of their fathers

It has been difficult to maintain the connection with the Dominican Republic, but remembering his anecdotes and experiences in the Dominican capital make your face light up with a wide smile.

The pride he feels for the land of his parents goes beyond what he says during the interview, on his digital platforms an emoticon with the tricolor canvas cannot be missing. Even the profile you post Fox 5 DC about this communicator highlights its origins.

The cultural richness of the Dominican Republic is what makes her most proud and “I always try to look for opportunities for people to know that I am Dominican.”

As proof of this, on her social networks she shows videos of her mother cooking sancocho, her dancing merengue or salsa, as well as audiovisuals in which she translates Spanish songs into English for her audience of more than a million followers.

Viral on TikTok

It all started in the summer of 2020, looking to have fun on TikTok, but also thinking about how to contribute to your community of followers in the midst of the pandemic, he came up with the idea of ​​making comedic videos with the voice and intonation of newscasters.

Laughter interrupts her when she remembers the videos she has made with her husband, also a news presenter. Robert Burton.

The one-minute clips, which she began to record for her own recreational purposes, amount to millions of views on Instagram and TikTok, where she is known as “Ms. News Lady”. But none like the first with Isabella, her much desired and sought after baby.

“Bella”, as the Burton Reyes family’s first-born is affectionately called, is the protagonist of Baby’s News Networkthe new theme of videos in which she recounts the daily events of her home and covers breaking news such as the need to change diapers or an overflow of vomit from this little three-month-old.

Another of his comical contributions and products is “Scamming the scammers” in which cheat scammers making them believe that, with their intonation for the news, they have been exposed on a live television program.

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