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Someone reproaches the Formula 1 drivers for talking about human rights without following actions, facts and decisions. Sebastian Vettel he just proved them wrong, once again. After the focus on environmental education (the German had helped Silverstone cleaners remove waste from the circuit’s grandstands), the four-time world champion organized a karting race in Saudi Arabia. With an important detail: only women can participate, in a country that mortifies their rights and dignity. At the Jeddah event, called Race for Womenin fact, eight girls will participate.

The former Ferrari driver, who also ‘challenged’ Viktor Orban’s ultra-nationalist regime at the Hungaroring by wearing jerseys in support of the LGBTQ + community, commented on his initiative at the press conference in Jeddah. “There have been many discussions and reflections ahead of the first race in Saudi Arabia. I was thinking about what I could do, we dwell on the negative examples of some countries regarding human rights. So I tried to think positively, so I organized this karting event with the hashtag ‘Race For Women‘. There is a group of seven to eight women, we will have a great event just for them. I wanted to try to pass on some of my experiences in life and on the track to do something together and expand their confidence“.

In Saudi Arabia, women have only recently been allowed to drive (from June 2018, ed), therefore only some of them have a driving license. Some are passionate about F1, others did not know anything about engines until today, it is a good mix of women from different backgrounds. Their stories have inspired me, they are confident about the changes in the country. It is true that if we look at the situation in Saudi Arabia from our point of view (i.e. the western world, ed), there are still many things that need to be addressed and improved, but some things are changing and for these people it makes a huge difference. For us who come only on a weekend it is difficult to judge perfectly not knowing exactly the context and the people. This is why it was important to get to know some of these women, it was a very stimulating day“, Concluded the German.


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