Jeff Nichols talks about the 1960 film The Biker Men, starring Tom Hardy, Austin Butler and Jodie Comer.

An independent filmmaker of 45 years, he returns with the story of a group of motorcycle riders from Illinois in 1960. The charisma and attractiveness of the trio of Tom Hardy, Austin Butler and Jodie Comer play a crucial role in the re-cast. movie. Travel to Paris with your stage observer.

After Mercredi June 19, Cyclists, Jeff Nichols’ latest opus, on the poster. Known for Loving In 2016, this Texas-based original retailer found itself where cinephiles live in their brands Shotgun Stories, Shelter, Mud and etc. Midnight Special. The second project is a book adapted by journalists and photographers Danny Lyon. Celui-ci avait fait la connaissance des Vandals in 1965 et avait ensuite Recueilli plusieurs témoignages for the enrichment of a son in childbirth.

franceinfo: Your film focuses on a four-year period and on a specific group, cherchez-vous à explorer une form de masculinité propre aux États-Unis?

Jeff Nichols: Yes, but this thing has crossed our borders. As a result, my films will be used to analyze this issue. L’idée que les hommes, surtout ceux qui proviennen des classes of Laborieuses, trouvent du Mal à exprimer leurs émotions est courante. However, this movie will be the best. Il se penche sur notre quête d’identité, une des motivations plus strengths of a new culture. The whole world is outlined, unique and understandable. However, when we go to Trouvère Notre Place in the world, we are in some nature carried away by the groups, la foule. C’est dans ces cercles que notre identité se forge, parfois à risques.

Are you channeling your main character, Katie, in Jodie Comer’s interpretation, which is the basis of the film?

It’s true that if you imagine a unique film from a male angle, it can be fast and monotonous and loud. This has a lot to do with the fact that, as mentioned earlier, men ont du mal à communiquer leurs leurs sentiments. Who has a great story to tell? Katie, being in the very center of things, is also looking for her place in the world. Being an adopted son can give us a chance to understand that people living in the family can get help.

Ce recit capture de nombreux aspects of l’Amérique: l’ambition de grandir, réussir, être libre, mais également la precarité, le dénuement, la status feminine, etc. Au-delà du spectacle des belles motos, what is this for the clothes in this story?

Prenez, for example, is one of the motorcycles. Vous la revez, elle est belle, semble poissante, alors vous avez envie de la conduire, de vous affranchir. An object in the world evokes a certain freedom, but also its worst fate. This duality is fascinating. Characters who read m’ont marqué en ce sens, this is a question that concerns the essence of the meme de l’humanity: some outfits associated with danger? It is this interrogation that forms the basis of the film. J’ai vraiment found a wealth of descriptions of human behavior in the book.

Alors bien sur, les motos sont Magnifiques, les vêtements aussi, most on the unification of photographs by Danny Lyon and les temoignages, with une une étude of sociological research. Il a veritablement sondé cette sous-cultural, et en tant que the narrator, this is the captive of absolution.

Here is a film descent into the classic film about motars as Easy Rider, Rusty James, L’équipée sauvage… Vous ne vous arrêtez pas là et mettez en lumière le côté sombre (drugs, prostitution, difficulties returning from Vietnam). Que cherchez-vous à nous Montrer de l’Amérique actuelle?

Largely because I understand that this is tired of the fact that the gangs that have surpassed Lois, that are involved in the drug trade, this is something that corresponds to folklore traditions and is contrary to the mentality of de bikers. When the comment comes sometimes, it’s for sure that it’s a game in the light. I cannot confirm that I commented on the situation of the young people, but what I most wanted to do was interrogate this institutional criminality. I was intrigued that all the ones available started with two gars that were good for the motorcycle and a buar for the bier. Même s’ils etaient leans toward violence, celle-ci n’était pas structurée, theorisée. It is this transition that interests me.

Sean Baker received the Palme d’Or for an independent American film. According to the award, this represents a significant increase in the difficulty of bringing this type of film to fruition in the US, resulting in complex production costs and challenging budgets. You have a lot of specialists making films, without a big budget and a big studio, but with stars. With Richard Linklater and others who are representatives of the latter categories in danger?

Only 45 years ago did he wait until it expired (laughter). Plus the seriousness, the implementation of these films is toujours été un défi. Plus accuracy, it is not the implementation that is difficult, it is the trick that attracts the public’s attention. Aujourd’hui, il est encore plus ardu de se faire, to understand the environment of constant vacation in industry and all the content that is dispersed without interruption, in every sense. Unfortunately, streaming platforms do not always understand the value of our work. The impression is that the content is sorted as quickly as possible, all the episodes of the series are in tempo, the car is what people love.

C’est peut-être ce que les gens veulent, but most of all it is necessary that they do not kiss. Therefore, be careful to devalue our work. Although I think it’s a poor implementer of these films, more Florida Project excellent et. If I’m in a privileged position, I have a certain budget for actors who are willing to co-write with me, and that’s very expensive. I spent more time in six films.

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