Jenicka, daughter of Jenni Rivera, shows her surprising change after losing weight

Since I was a child, Jennifer Lopez I had overweight and although she was always proud of her body, it was two years ago that the daughter of the disappeared Jenni Rivera She began a diet and exercise regimen that led to her losing a significant amount of weight.

In this process, Jenicka has decided to continue with her goal of looking better every day, which is why she recently underwent a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin that I had after losing weight.

This is how he documented it through his social networks where he has more than a million followers and where step by step he has shared the physical change after his discipline when it comes to eating and exercising.

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A couple of weeks after undergoing the surgery, Lopez already shows her physical change on her social networks and she has even been surprised by the results.


celebrate the change

The young woman has also occupied her YouTube account to narrate the changes she has had after her surgery.

“I can’t believe I did it. I’ve worked out so hard, to be able to lose as much weight as possible to get to this point. I think more than anything, I’m excited about my tummy tuck, and the fat I take out is going to be put into my body.” “My cellulite here and it will look more defined. I just want to be able to wear more outfits that fit me. Right now I can’t because I have this big (belly),” she said in the video I posted a few hours ago.


Among the procedures that Chiquis Rivera’s sister underwent, a liposuction and a Lifting buttocks with the use of its own fat.


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