Jenna Ortega: “Alqu’un persona con qui ho lavorato forse non hano avuto always a cuore i miie interesti” | TV

in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Jenna OrtegaLatin-born actress’s note for the series MercoladyYou have had difficulty starting your career:

Ia attris bambina, ci sono due lavori che puoi ottenere: o sei la version piu Giovan di Qualcuno o interpreti la figlia di Qualcuno, e non sereno molti attori españosi de primo piano per i quali potesi avere quel Ruolo. Even after working for more than a year you do not get any additional benefits, but you do not get a fixed profit. It’s hard to realize that nothing you can change is something that keeps you from seeing success.

The person with whom one works is not as interested as usual. I think it’s nothing, nothing, nothing in Intrapreneur, everything is good for me.

This experience and inconsistency had a negative impact on Ortega’s confidence and self-esteem, which, over time, triggered a new bout of positive influenza. ,I thought: ‘No, I see that all the time I keep the screen on and the form of Centano de Dover will change so that it can be considered beautiful or noticeable.“, Le Sue Parole.

The California-born actress, to a Mexican-born father and a Puerto Rican mother, also shared her story to account for the fact that she doesn’t speak Spanish:

I’m not born in a Spanish-speaking country, I haven’t been in Mexico for very long and I haven’t been in a situation like Puerto Rico, but I’m sure that feeling of non-abstanza degna de essere una représentant adeguata (del la comunitá Latina).

However, I hope to use her presence on set to contribute to increasing Spanish representation in television and cinema. ,Voglio che tutte le persona de origine latina posano vedersi sulo shermo. You will feel like you can open doors for other people.,

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