Jenna Ortega broke the Internet when she was inspired by an X-Men character

Mexico City, July 1 (EL Universal).- Jenna Ortega is one of the young innovators in the world of acting, who is changing in terms of her presence in the horror genre and refers to other diverse genres.

On this occasion, the young woman can be seen becoming a legendary superheroine named Rogue, one of the central characters of the X-Men saga.

The truth is that the star of the series “Merlina” left no one indifferent with her appearance as this iconic character.

It was through a new sketch that took place on the famous show “Saturday Night Live”, this actress has appeared with a costume that attracts a lot of attention, and it is the character of Rogue from the world of the X-Men. This has raised concerns among fans about its possible inclusion in said universe, now that Marvel has the rights and plans to renew the acting staff.

It may still be a long time before Marvel Studios releases an X-Men reboot, but even if it isn’t Rogue One, Ortega is someone to consider starring in any of their productions.

As far as we know, Ortega has never really picked a specific role or franchise that she’s interested in, but after developing a large following, a role in one of these live-action characters may have been in her brief. Seems like the next logical step in life. But a fruitful career.

Anyway, we get to see Jenna in this fun “School vs. School” sketch, which is a fictional competition hosted by Kenan Thompson that pits an ordinary high school against “Professor Zander’s Academy for Extraordinary Children.”

The sketch doesn’t use any actual names from the X-Men series, but the Marvel references are more than obvious. Xena Ortega is “Xena”, who looks a lot like Wicked. He plays the character with intense pain which is exaggerated for comic effect. In the end, the young woman loses control of her powers and blows up her entire team.

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