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Jenna Ortega
Jenna Ortega

since the series merlin landed on Netflix screens last November, its protagonist has not stopped grabbing the headlines of hundreds of international portals, uncovering curiosities that we did not know about the new Hollywood star. Recently, Jenna Ortega He published a postcard on his Instagram account that revealed a new aspect of his beauty: his natural freckles.

In recent months, the actress’s fans have wanted to know even the smallest detail of her personal style. Examples of this are the “eyeliner” that makes the eyes bigger and the original cut of her “wavy shaggy” in red. Now, a new aspect hitherto unknown has caught the attention of her followers.

just a day ago Jenna Ortega She decided to post a natural postcard on her Instagram account, without a drop of makeup. Quite a challenge for the great stars of the show, but one that many of them have dared to overcome. Examples of this are Rosalía or Lady Gaga.

Jenna Ortega's natural photo.
Jenna Ortega’s natural photo.

Thus, in a publication that already accumulates more than 7 million likes, the actress posed for the selfies boasting of the real texture of her skin, a most enviable texture, full of natural freckles that fit perfectly with her beautiful face.

Jenna Ortega plays Merlina Addams in the new Netflix series.
Jenna Ortega plays Merlina Addams in the new Netflix series.

The secret to achieving natural freckles with makeup

The truth is that not all of us are lucky enough to have been born with the freckles of Jenna Ortega. So, for us, the makeup experts have taken it upon themselves to develop an easy and quick technique with which, in a few minutes, you can achieve natural freckles like those of the actress.

The secret is to use a brown eyeliner. As Cosmopolitan explains, it should be applied sparingly and not too tightly. After that, blend and spread the pigment with your fingers for a natural finish.

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