Jenna Ortega still dresses like Merlina in normcore loafers with socks

The fact that Jenna Ortega has interpreted a teenage version of merlinhas opened the doors of endless outfits that allow us to imagine how the character created by Charles Addams would dress in 2023. From transparencies to gothic dresses, through other outfits with masculine overtones, Ortega has not been afraid to experiment in his facet as a member of the Addams family.

How to wear normcore loafers with Jenna Ortega-style socks?

A) Yes, the actress, Jenna Ortega, start the year with a look that the young woman with braids would undoubtedly approve. At a party before Golden Globes 2023 (where she will be the presenter of one of the categories), she was seen dressed in a cropped shirt, tie, Thom Browne school skirt and normcore loafers with socks.

Jenna Ortega wore normcore loafers with socks to a pre-Golden Globes party.The Grosby Group

It is not the first time that Jenna resorts to paying tribute to the character with whom she has exceeded the borders of popularity. Somehow, the sartorial collar that distinguishes the Merlina’s most famous dress, has become one of the style insignia of the protagonist of the Netflix series. She has worn it in Dolce & Gabbana outfits, to which she adds ties as a genderless element to the equation.

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