Jenna Ortega’s mother reacts after video of actress smoking; Did he scold him?

Actress after her brilliant performance in ‘Marlina’ Jenna Ortega She remained quiet until a few days ago, when she was away from the cameras Caught smoking while chatting with friendTo. This fact went viral on the network and The actress’s mother, Natalie Ortega, with meme,

obviously, Mothers do not like to see their children smoking.because it causes addiction health problems Irreplaceable with the passing of years. Therefore, whoever gave life Jenna Ortega, Natalie Ortega react indirectlys, through meme which he posted on his profile Instagram,

After Viral video of Jenna Ortega smokingHis Mother Started Publish stories on Instagram with Gollum memes‘The Lord of the Rings’ character, thin and with bad teeth, saying ‘Cigarette is not harmful’… clear, sarcastically,

Too, Jenna Ortega’s mothershared information about diseases caused by cigarette smokingfrom them lung cancer And the addiction that stress creates. it’s probably to scold your famous daughter Or prevent fans from following in your footsteps after watching smoking actress video,

What does Jenna Ortega’s mom do?

Jenna Ortega’s mother Natalie Ortega reactswhile publishing Memes about the dangers of cigarettes After Video of his daughter smoking, This is logical, because apart from wishing well for his family, he also has knowledge of health issues. due to this reason dedicated to nursingApparently, in a hospital in California.

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