Jennifer Aniston adopts a girl: rumors and denial


M.amma yes, mom no. Jennifer Aniston is about to adopt a girl? The news went around the world: the ex-girlfriend of America, now 52 years old, would be about to fulfill her greatest desire, that of motherhood, by adopting a girl from a Mexican orphanage. The announcement on the set of Friends: The Reunion. But, not even the time to make the fans dream, that the news has already been denied.

Jennifer Aniston and the adoption of a baby girl

After 12 years Jennifer Aniston reunites with her Friends and launches a news bomb: he will adopt a girl. To report the news is Closer, according to which Brad Pitt’s ex would have chosen the set of one of the most popular sitcoms on TV to give the happy announcement. After all, that the protagonists of the series are linked by a sincere feeling of friendship even away from the spotlight is certainly not new. So the actress thought of her friends to reveal the news: by June she will become the mother of a child who will adopt Casa Hogar Sion from the Mexican orphanage.

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The ideal time to announce

Jen felt the reunion was the perfect time to make the announcementA source told Closer. “The girls already knew this since they see each other regularly, she thought it would be special to tell the boys when they were all together, as she rarely sees them these days due to their busy lives and work commitments,” she continued. A dream and a desire that the actress decided to share on that set, therefore. And not by chance. “They lived through every detail of their lives and supported each other through all their tough times, including Courteney’s fertility struggles and Jen’s painful divorce from Brad Pitt.The source continued.

Jennifer Aniston and the desire for motherhood

The desire to have a child next to him is certainly not new for the star of Friends. Last year, during an interview with Sandra Bullock on the occasion of her 51st birthday, the diva also talked about this. “What is it that you haven’t done yet and you can’t wait to do?” Sandra Bullock asked her. And Jennifer Aniston’s answer is one of those that surprise: “Not much I see myself doing, but there is a little screenshot in my brain, where I hear the ocean, see the ocean, hear laughter, see children running, I feel ice in a glass, I smell the food being cooked. This is the joyful snapshot in my head. ‘ At 51 years of age, Jennifer Aniston is looking for normality, home, family, children for her future. A year later that desire is still inside her. And it is about to be realized.

His agent: “A hype”

The news that made fans dream, however, does not last long. Because the actress’s agent promptly denied everything to the magazine People: “It’s a hoax,” he said. Therefore, the movie star would not be in the process of adopting a child. And to TMZ the same spokesperson said: “It’s false, it never happened.” No baby from Mexico for Jennifer Aniston.


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The rumors continue

Yet, despite the denials from the star’s agent, the news rumors of the moment continue. According to reports to the Mirror from Perez Hilton, American blogger and TV personality, Jen «would not have told her friends about it if the adoption had not already taken place. He would have told the cast only after the deal was concluded, with the paperwork ready and without any possibility that the thing could fail ». It’s just his thought, of course. But fans of the actress are hoping that it may indeed be so.



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