Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox pose together without makeup and prove that the years do not pass by them

Although they have passed 18 years from the last episode of friends their fans and its cast have not yet overcome this series that caught thousands of viewers with the plot of the six inseparable friends.

Jennifer Aniston, 53, and Courteney Cox, 57, who gave life to Rachel and Monica, respectively, met recently paying a heartfelt tribute to their friendship and the program that catapulted them to the fame.

Through their social networks they presumed the encounter with a boomerand where they modeled t-shirts “Friends Forever”.

The celebrities are working for a good cause, since the benefits obtained from the sale of the t-shirts will go to Americares and EBMRFtwo non-profit organizations.

Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox show off their natural beauty

At 50 something years old Jennifer and Courtney are active in their social media where they show off their beauty and strip off the elaborate outfits Y makeup that they usually show off on the red carpets.

during your meeting both they appeared with their natural face showing that despite his age they still look as beautiful as they do 20 years.

His publication was not lacking in praise from his fans, who were nostalgic remembering Rachel and Monica again.

“I love this”, “We love you girls”, “Rachel and Monica are back”, “They are still just as beautiful”, “We need these shirts”, “They made our day better”, “Friends forever”, is part of the comments read on social networks.

Aniston and Cox They remain one of the most beloved celebrities in Hollywood despite staying a bit away from the screens.

On more than one occasion they have interacted with their followers completely naturally, even Cox confessed a while ago that he made the mistake of applying botox to the point of disfiguring his face but he has decided to grow old with naturalness.

“I started with Botox injections and then other treatments until I realized I was going crazy and decided to stop,” she says. “You have to age naturally,” she adds.

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