Jennifer Aniston confesses why she has a cooler in her car: “I learned my lesson”

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Jennifer Aniston has opened up about her eating habits and revealed why she likes having a cooler in her car.

The 53-year-old actress opened up about her favorite snacks during an interview with E! News, and she confessed that she stores them in her cooler, which has come in handy for her when she’s “driving all day.”

“Right before my workout, I eat a little bit from the bar, then a little bit afterward and I’m totally satiated until lunchtime,” she explained. “If I drive all day, I usually have my cooler in the car and eat on the way home so I don’t starve and eat crap or eat too much.”

According to the star friendsyour cooler is what keeps your protein bars from becoming a “melting mess,” especially on hot days.

“I got the cooler because I learned my lesson,” he said. “Living like we do in California, you go get your bar, open the package and find a mess like a melted Easter egg.”

“I’m a bar person,” he added. “I love protein bars. It’s great to have something you can grab and put in your bag to eat throughout the day.”

In addition to protein bars, Aniston noted that she keeps her fridge stocked with cold water and vitamins.

During her interview, she also talked about her morning and wellness routine, which involves meditating right when she wakes up every day.

“I just put my feet on the ground and sit in front of a small altar,” he said. “If I’m away, I find a space for it. And even if it’s five minutes, 10 minutes, I just have to do it.”

Regarding his exercise habits, the star of The Morning Show expressed how he tries to “listen to [su] Body”. For example, if his body says “let’s go for a run”, then he does “45 minutes of cardio”, before mixing it with other activities, including Pilates, which he “loves”.

“I love Pilates because it feels like I’m getting a lot of bang for my buck because there’s a kind of meditative experience that I have,” she added.

Aniston has previously opened up about maintaining a well-balanced diet. In an interview for shape in November 2021, she watched her eat what she wanted when she moved out of her childhood home, which ultimately encouraged her to be more “mindful” of the things she ate.

“My mom was a real health freak. During my childhood, it was not fun to go to my house because it was all cardboard-flavored food,” she explained. “When I moved, my biggest rebellion was filling my fridge with food that tasted like I bought all the cereal I ever wanted and other crap.”

“Eventually, I started to feel really bad. And I looked like really bad,” she continued. “I went to a nutritionist and realized my mom was doing me a favor. I made a commitment to be mindful of what I give my body.”

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