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During her car ride, Jennifer Aniston did her best to show off her projectors in person. This does not include residences for people living in the Petites Havres of Hollywood’s Paix Loins. An acquisition date expired in less than a year. In September 2022, the actress, originally from Los Angeles, presents a portrait of a cadre three après des celebrities in the seaside town of Montecito, California. Jennifer Aniston adopted this Mediterranean style with another legend of the plateaus, Oprah Winfrey, who has a garden residence in the area. Permi les personalities voix, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ellen DeGeneres and Bien d’Autres Encore.

As ignorant as Jennifer Aniston is of decorating her new abode, she has definitely chosen it, and promises to win a prize. put rappelling, after christ I did A. in 2018. Bel Air House, built by Quincy Jones and completed in 2010 by Harold W. Visited the Beverly Hills Cella built by Levitt.

« If I’m not an actress, I’m an architect d’interior, We are confident about the journey of the past years. I’m a fan of the creative process. Selecting tissues and finishes is an activity that is highly animated. , We know about the androids you choose, located at our residence, where we are in a historic place, with an aesthetic and a unique experience.

2001: A Norman House in Beverly Hills with Brad Pitt

Right after Jennifer Aniston married Brad Pitt, the couple spent $13.1 million to buy a 1,115-square-meter Normandie home in Beverly Hills. Built in 1934, it was designed by renowned Californian architect Edwin Wallace Neff. Les deux acteurs, fois de design, grandisant et renovent la propriete pour y inclueur une salle de projection private, des soles en marbre chauffeuse dans la cuisine et un pub avec des soles en bois originale d’un château français vue de deux siècles. It also included a tennis court worth more than a million dollars and a dependency. The couple divorced in 2006, three years before they settled for $28 million, followed by a divorce in 2005. In 2019, he commemorated his march for the $56 million Somme Astronomique.

2005: After the divorce, a beach house in Malibu

After her breakup with Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston bought a pendant and a 140-meter square beach house in Malibu. The property, located next to the waterfront, is the former apartment of Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It has been said that I chose this house, and I had to work as an actress, which was secret.

2006: Harold W. A Decade at the Beverly Hills Conference by Levitt

Jennifer Aniston in The Coup of the Beverly Hills Cons by Harold W. Levitt. “This house can last a day, it’s true” At-elle declared after christ in 2010. He acquired this hilltop residence for $13.5 million in 2006 and worked with interior architect Stephen Shadley the following year to transform it into a picture of Balinese inspiration. AU Program: Installation of Sun Chouffant in the Koi Hornbeam Basin, Travertine on the Corniche and Lanai at Kumaru Bresilien. The actress’ nickname is “Ohana”, which symbolizes family members in the air, and her aim is to get from refuge to «Glamorous and Hollywoodian à la lancienne». She finally moved out of this simple 930 square meter house in 2011. It was initially sold for $42 million, but was eventually sold for $38 million.

2011: Two houses in Beverly Hills and two apartments in New York

Shortly after selling “Ohana”, the comedian owns a 165-meter house on the north side of Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills with her fiancé Justin Theroux. This two-bedroom and two-bathroom residence is obviously more modest than his other properties, but that doesn’t detract from the rest of its charming moments. It is furnished with state-of-the-art cuisine with wooden planks, plafond voids and white marble decor. This thing costs 3 million dollars? Being situated on the edge of a hill, it offers spectacular views. The couple also paid a fee of $20,000 for the location.

Mme Annie, former star of Friend Spend $7.01 million for two apartments in New York’s West Village, where there is a penthouse with a planter in the original forest and a 84-square-meter terrace. The first thing to do is to bring two residences together in a mega-unit space of more than 185 square meters, but later the paparazzi hound people as they move in. Jennifer Aniston gave him $6.5 million in 2012.

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