Jennifer Aniston has had trouble sleeping for decades

Insomnia has become a widespread disease in many countries. Jennifer Aniston has been with her for about 20 years. The actress explains her desperate attempts to sleep and her failure in an interview. She also gives tips that help her.

Former Friends star Jennifer Aniston suffers from severe insomnia. The American actress spoke about it in detail in an interview with “People” magazine. She has battled insomnia for decades, and in the past even the phenomenon of sleepwalking. “I think it all started when she was in her mid-thirties,” Aniston says candidly. However, she doesn’t notice the effects of poor sleep when you’re younger. At that moment, she felt invincible, like a 53-year-old woman. she in front of the magazine to explain.

“At first I just kissed her, then suddenly I realized how lack of sleep affects the day, work, mind and body,” continues the Hollywood star. At the time, she was trying to fall asleep, looking at the clock over and over again, concentrating on how much time had passed and how many hours of sleep she had already missed: “The more I thought about it, the harder it was to fall asleep. I tried. everything “.

Sometimes, when she slept a little, she also sleepwalked. “The house alarms that I set off woke me up,” Aniston said. But now he doesn’t do that anymore. The fact that she has passed this stage is a “ray of hope on the horizon” for her.

Aniston underestimated the problem for too long

Aniston now regrets not seeking medical attention sooner. For a long time he considered that his problems were “not that important”, but he was already suffering from his own. He now knows that the three pillars of “nutrition, exercise and sleep” cannot be separated. If he doesn’t get enough sleep, his internal clock becomes completely disoriented.

In the meantime, she has established a bedtime ritual that helps her. Take some time to cool down and do some stretching or yoga. Also, her smartphones are no longer allowed in the bedroom. But Aniston doesn’t want to do without one thing: snuggling in bed with his three dogs. This is a very convenient method.

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