Jennifer Aniston is honest about the end of Friends: “I got divorced and went to therapy…”


The actress talks about her life and the emblematic series in the farewell program of the Ellen Degeneres show

The reunion of the int
The reunion of the interpreters of the mythical series Friends.
  • Jennifer Aniston The other side of the Friends reunion: “We all hit a harder slump than we expected”
  • Series The millionaire figure that the Friends actors have earned with their reunion

Ellen DeGeneres has said goodbye to her popular television show after 19 years on the air with an emotional closing in which the presenter herself could not help but get emotional in front of her audience. On the last show, DeGeneres had a large group of VIP friends who turned his end of party in one of the most commented programs of the season.

One of the celebrities most notable has been Jennifer Aniston, first guest and last to close the circle. the protagonist of friends a close friend of DeGeneres, would enter the set to the rhythm of the song last dance by Donna Summer and reviewed her life in parallel to the 19 successful years of television space. In this way, the actress remembered some of the personal and professional milestones of her life in these years, reflecting on how quickly all this time has passed for her: “Oh, where have the 19 years gone? I don’t understand”Aniston said in front of her friend’s smile.

Ellen gave way to the video of her first appearance in which Jennifer gave him a doormat with the word Welcome. Next, the presenter asked her friend for advice on how to face the end of a successful work season, as happened in her case with the popular series friends. A question to which Jennifer answered, generating a great stir among the public and on the networks. “What did I do when I finished friends?”, answered the artist. “Well, Well I got divorced and I went to therapy”. A simple and concise answer that made the audience applause.

Trying to take some of the iron out of what Jennifer had said, she continued, “Wow! Then I made a movie called The Break Up” (La Ruptura) and continued to recall the idea that he transmitted to his colleagues and friends in the convulsive period of his life: “Actually, I simply gave myself up at the end. I told the boys you know what? let’s make this chapter something completely new. Let’s end it all and start again. It worked very well.” In her pun mixing the end of fiction with her new chapter in life, Jennifer made it very clear to her friend that she was not recommending this path with her wife, Portia de Rossi.

The conversation between the two about this issue ended with the guest’s question about Ellen’s future and even encouraged the presenter to resume her role as an actress, something that Degeneres did not seem to like too much despite the fact that the actress herself even offered her live work.

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