Jennifer Aniston jokes about her divorce with Brad Pitt

There is no doubt that one of the most mediatic marriages of the decade of the beginning of the millennium was that of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pittwho were together since 1998 and 2005. And although now both actors have assured that they get along very well despite the multiple rumors that surrounded their relationship, the actress don’t miss the opportunity to joke about it.

What did Jennifer Aniston say about her divorce from Brad Pitt?

This Thursday, May 26, was the last chapter of one of the most popular programs in the United States, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. And in that instance, the presenter wanted bring Jennifer Aniston to fire him.

During her appearance, the Friends actress reflected on being the first guest on the interviewer’s show. This when the show debuted in 2003.

He also handed Ellen DeGeneres a welcome mat that read: “Thanks for the memories”. A clear reference to the welcome that the presenter gave to the first episode of her popular program.

Later, Jennifer Aniston shared what was it like handling the farewell of friends when the series aired its final chapter in 2004. However, he took advantage of joke about her divorce from Brad Pitt.

“Okay, I got divorced and went to therapy. And then I made a move called The Break Up (The rupture, in Spanish)”, said the actress. “Simply I leaned toward the end.”

Also, it should be noted that the famous couple they started dating in 1998, married two years later, and divorced in 2005. However, they remain friends to this day.

This despite the fact that, after their separation, the actor immediately he began dating his now ex-wife, Angelina Jolie. Who did you meet on the set of the movie? Mr and Mrs smithso that many began to speculate an infidelity on his part towards Jennifer Aniston that would have led to separation.

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