Jennifer Aniston Just Brought Back a Major 2000s Bikini Trend


Let’s be honest, the icon that is Jennifer Aniston might even make avocado toast cold again. the Friends The actress is known for inspiring trends with her chic and playful style off-screen as well. She thinks of the cult “Rachel” haircut, slip dresses, skintight tank tops, barely-there sandals, and lots of lace. And this summer, Aniston is bringing back a swimwear trend from the 2000s: the bikini she doesn’t match.

On August 15, he posted a series of pictures on Instagram, bragging about a beach getaway with his friends. Among them the actor Jason Bateman and his wife Amanda Anka. Aniston can be seen wearing a black triangle bikini top with bright pink panties, making us nostalgic for the mismatched bikini trend of yesteryear.

In classic photo dump style, Aniston showed off her vacation without revealing the location. This included a video of the expansive ocean, a selfie under the sun, goofy photos of her friends, and a photo of her walking on the beach with her friends. In one identifiable shot, Aniston is seen wearing a lavender dress over her bikini as she holds brown beach slides in her hand; We’ve all been there, right? “Take us back,” he captioned the post.

If beach waves are any indicator, this is the same vacation she posted a sun-kissed selfie from a couple of weeks ago. Just like every other trend Aniston has touched on, this swimwear craze will soon be appearing everywhere on social media. I’ll be right back, I’m currently creating a Pinterest board complete with mismatched bikinis and straw hats.


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