Jennifer Aniston reveals the movie she is ashamed of having made

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Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beloved artists in Hollywood, who achieved international fame in the “Friends” series with the character of Rachel Green, which is loved by several generations.

The actress has sought to make her own story and has participated in various film productions that have established it as one of the most recognized within the industry.

Some of the films in which he has participated are ‘Almighty’, ‘A fake wife’, ‘Derailed’, ‘My girlfriend Polly’, ‘A good girl’, ‘My girlfriend Polly’ and other hits in which Aniston has been a part. But there is a tape that the actress is ashamed of having made.

Why is Jennifer Aniston ashamed of the movie “The Cursed Goblin”?

Aniston has expressed that she is not proud of all her projects in which he decided to participate throughout his career, despite the fact that most have been box office successes.

The American said that the horror comedy tape “The cursed goblin (Leprechaun)”the second film in which he participated (1993), he did not like its final result.

“Office Space was one of the first tapes I made. No one thought it would become a cult classic. which was, but it’s great, if you ask me.

“There are a lot of films you’re thinking about: ‘Oh, gosh, this is just…how am I going to survive this in my future?‘, and then it becomes something of a cult… ‘something’ of which is very embarrassing. That feature film was not! (Office Space) That was special. She was talking about ‘The Cursed Goblin’ really.” narrated Jennifer Aniston.

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