Jennifer Aniston reveals the names of the women she would change her hair with if she could

Luckily, Aniston and her team already have a knowledge base about the ingredients that do their job; many of the ones that appear in their hair oil, detangler, and leave-in conditioner also appear in the respective listings for the shampoo and conditioner. Bamboo essence, chia extract and other ceramides of vegetable or fruit origin are present in both; As the cosmetic chemist Ginger King once pointed out to Allurethese ingredients “help replenish moisture, build a barrier to prevent water loss, strengthen the hair, hydrate it, anti-oxidate it and purify it.”

But Aniston and the brand arguably take more pride in their latest ingredient discovery, coconut alkanes, which the brand claims in a press release are “a smoothing alternative to silicone…harvesting of fatty acids.” of coconut oil to help increase shine and silkiness without the weight and greasy residue of silicones” Allure confirmed the accuracy of this statement with King.

The silicone – or, in this case, the coconut alkanes – is what gives most conditioners that silky, slippery feel to your hair right after you rinse it. Now, as King says, no all Silicones are bad for hair (dimethicone and amodimethicone are fine, she says), but there are certain grades that can cause buildup. East is the goal of Aniston’s Magic Coconut Alternative: build-up-free shine from a natural source.

As for the use of these products, Aniston insists that you have to be extremely simple. She herself uses them sparingly: “I can go days without shampooing my hair, especially if I’m not working,” she explains. When she’s not filming or promoting anything (ie, repeatedly washing and combing her hair for the cameras), her hair “stays fresh for three or four days sometimes, even.”

All he does is shampoo as soon as he gets in the shower—”I probably keep it in for about as long as it takes to shower and brush my teeth and do all the other things you do in the shower”—and apply LolaVie hair oil on wet hair.

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