Jennifer Aniston | Salmon Sperm: Jennifer Aniston’s Recommended Facial

Would you be willing to do anything to keep it? bark of your spotless face? Obviously, Jennifer Anistonis 54 years old, and that is why when it comes to treating his face he resorts to a product that is not at all common: salmon sperm,

In an interview with WSJ magazine, the American actress who gave life Rachel Green in the legendary series of ,Friend, what is revealed Secret practically keep it up single glance Two decades ago: “When it comes to seeing YouthShe assures that she’ll try almost anything at least once“, they write via the above.

choice of needles

However, Aniston admits that despite not knowing for sure whether it really has any effect, she counts on it. “Weekly Peptide Injections”through which he tries to fight the consequences Ageing, “I think it’s the same Future“, he assured.

However, as Cosmopolitan reports, it is not necessary to present Hole to receive this treatment. Without going any further, the same medium uses the example products Rode, model brand hailey bieberthat use the same substances.

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