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Usually, social networks are challenged because Jennifer Aniston boasts of his ability to save items to evoke memories. This is enhanced because his millions of followers on different platforms understand his subtle references to his favorite movies or series.

Obviously, one of the most analyzed when you publish something is friendsthe ’90s sitcom that was created by Martha Kaufman Y David Cranewhich revolutionized an entire generation and since it was added to the catalog of Netflix reached new generations.

Regarding the series, the actress’s hairdresser shared in the last hours a photo with Jennifer after cutting her hair and the actress wears a dress that fans analyzed because it was very familiar to them.

It was nothing less than the same dress she wore Monicathe character played by Courtney Coxin the twenty-second episode of the eighth season: “The One Where Rachel Is Late“. Some time ago, Aniston admitted in an interview he gave to the magazine People that she had taken that dress from her ex-partner’s wardrobe.

In the image shared by the stylist, the artist proudly wears the dress, despite the fact that according to CoxIt’s already out of fashion“. The series ran for 10 years and had more than 230 episodes, so you might as well have a good closet full of the costumes used during the TV show.

no doubt that Anistonwho played Rachel In the series, she is one of the public’s favorites because, during her acting career, she also participated in other successes on the small and big screen. but also because every day on her social networks she usually makes this type of wink for her thousands of followers and fans.

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