Jennifer Aniston’s ‘low cost’ trick to show off a healthy tan

Jennifer Aniston has no problem sharing her beauty tips with her Instagram followers. the protagonist of friends has revealed his favorite facial mask for big occasions, as well as his technique to “wake up” the skin in just a few seconds that went viral a few months ago.

As she herself explained, it was her facialist, Joanna Czech, who was in charge of revealing a trick that Joan Crawford followed and that has a very high cost. low cost. “Take a bowl of ice water and splash it on your face 25 times. It just wakes up your skin,” said Jennifer, who recommended adding ice for a more optimal result.

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Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Healthy-Looking Tanned Skin

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But there is another trick, also affordable, that the unforgettable Rachel Green uses to show off a healthy tan. Aniston can boast of having tanned skin every day of the year, in fact, she herself confessed that one of her hobbies was sunbathing, although yes, with the right products to protect her skin.

“Sunbathing for me is a complicated matter (…) I fight against it because I love it, but I have tried to do it more carefully. To anticipate the damage it causes, I try to do it as little as possible, and then make sure that it hydrates my skin well, ”he explained in an interview with the portal. Refinery29.

To anticipate the damage that it causes (sunbathing), I try to do it as little as possible, and then make sure that it hydrates my skin well”

Actress Jennifer Aniston always boasts of tanned skin

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Jennifer applies Aveeno face cream with SPF 50 daily, in order to avoid the dreaded spots. “I have her in my car, by the pool, in the kitchen, in the bathroom… she is everywhere,” she pointed out. But in her sun routine, in addition to the body cream with sun protection, she also includes another ingredient that she grows herself in her garden.

Aloe vera is the essential product to care for your skin and prolong a beautiful tan. “It’s very good for the skin to use natural products, aloe straight from the plant,” says the actress, who applies the ingredient with a moisturizer, specifically Aveeno Moisturizing Body Lotion, to keep skin soft.

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Some time ago he commented that he has been using this product since he was 15 years old. It is formulated with colloidal oatmeal that helps prevent skin dryness, absorbs quickly and protects it for 24 hours.

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